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Slate Walkway

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Slate Walkway
Slate Walkway
Walkway is generally build on the high traffic area in a grass land or your garden. It can also be in front of your front door. Walkway from any type of rock is ultimate in appearance and the slate walkway add a real beauty to any place. Slate stone walkways are the part of landscaping that beautifies your area and the surroundings.

Slate Walkway Advantages

First of all the slate walkways are made from the natural slate stone that has durability and strength. Along with this the slate stone walkways do not absorb moisture and water which is the best feature for any kind of walkway. Slate stone walkway is also resistant to fire and acid and little or no damage is caused by the direct sunlight. Even it can bear the extreme weather conditions. Also the walkways made from slate tile last long and very easy to maintain. You do not have to put extra efforts to maintain the slate tile walkways.
The colors of the slate stones are so amazing that the walkways build from them are also the piece of wonder. You can get it is light to dark gray, purple green red, cyan with waves, veins of dotted patterns.

Also slate walkways provide the cleanliness and a very tidy look to the whole environment.

Where to Lay Slate Walkway

You have a lawn and part of its area is becoming barren because of the excessive traffic and walking. This is the area that needs slate tile walkways. Before laying stones, mark the area with string, stones, rope or marker. Remove all grass from that area. You can also let the grass grow in between the slate tiles. This looks wonderful.

How to Lay Slate Walkways?

Slate walkways are very easy to lay. If you are looking for the sculptured look then use the natural shape of the slate stone. You can re-shape it a bit with the wet saw. Either place the slate stone directly to the ground or place some gravel before it to stop flooding. You can arrange the slate in slate walkway in what so ever manner you want. Some people just place the slate stone as it is.

You can also make the regular shapes of slate tiles for the customer design slate walkway. It is very important to level the slate walkways otherwise slate tile will wobble while walking on it. It can be done by removing the soil beneath the slate stone. Do no feel bad if you are getting dirty with soil. Also keep the level of the slate stone walkway same that of grass for easy mowing.

For a slate tile walkway, it better to have a natural look so do not use any kind of glossy finish over the surface. Learn: DIY: Step-by-Step Guide to Install Slate

Cement, soil or grass can be used to fill the gap.

So now you can have the wonderful looking slate walkway in a day.

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