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Slate Fireplace

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Slate Fireplace
Slate Fireplace

About Slate Fireplaces

Slate fireplaces are the new trends in the living room as the smoky slate tiles give dandifying appearance. Fireplace is an open recess or a hearth for holding a fire at the base of a chimney. Made of extremely durable and long lasting slate stone, slate stone fireplace is a defining feature of the room decor, accentuating aesthetic taste. Slate stone fireplaces are chiseled out by dexterous craftsmen and manufacturers, who offer a large range of slate stone fireplaces.

These are custom designed, built and installed for open fireplaces to burn wood, a gas fire requiring chimney inserts, a multi fuel burner, or no chimney. A fire hearth mantel surrounds the fireplace. The mantelpiece or mantel shelf is hand carved and sculpted to in various shapes with intricate designs.

Durable Slate stone

Slate stone is a strong stone that can easily bear all the heat emanating from the fireplace and can be safely used for years to come with no fear of breakage. Available in different finishes in different shades of green, gray, copper and brown, the durable slate stone fireplace resists cracking, fading and erosion.

Why Slate Fireplaces?

Slate Stone Fireplace
Slate Stone Fireplace
There are many reasons why slate fireplace manufacturers use this stone to make this space in your home. One of the reasons is that no other material is as good as slate stone in insulating fire. Other reasons why manufacturers, exporters and suppliers prefer this are:

Slate Fireplaces Patterns

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Slate Fireplace Patterns
Slate Fireplace Patterns

You can create any kind of pattern and style of slate fireplace with this unmatchable natural stone. This can be used in rustic log cabin to traditional home and urban penthouse. Different colors are combined in an orderly or random pattern to make the fireplace. The golden and warmth of copper color are particularly in.

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You can use the irregular patterns of slate stone to make the fireplace or you can also cut the slabs into orderly pattern to create the patterned slate fireplace.
Apart from shape and color, the exterior finish marks the difference. It can either be rough or smooth. So depending upon your choice you can select the one. Smooth tiles give contemporary look where as with the rough surface more traditional look is obtained.

Apart this stacking of slate tiles vertically gives an altogether a different kind of slate fireplace.

Bricked Type Slate Fireplace
Bricked Type Slate Fireplace

Slate Brick Fireplace

Slate brick fireplace is made to look in the form of bricks. Slate tiles are so placed that these look like a brick fireplace. But if you compare the slate fireplaces with that of brick fireplaces then the former are lot more better than the later.

Cleaning of Slate Fireplaces

Slate stone has the ability to withstand extreme range of temperature and a very durable stone with natural looks. Every eye will be on your slate fireplace so you must clean it for the fantastic look.

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