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Slate Slab Pathway
Slate Slab Pathway
A slate slab is a thick, broad piece of slate stone, which can be further used to create a large variety of artifacts and things of use in the kitchen, living rooms or gardens. When the slate's cleavage is not very pronounced, thick slabs can be produced which have a great variety of uses like gravestones, snooker tables, mortuary slabs, and to keep food cool in kitchens. As slate is a natural stone so slate slabs will have different thickness, color and texture.

Natural Slate Slabs

Natural slate slabs are made with the process of sedimentation and and metamorphosis in which layers of mud with minerals and other organic substances are sandwiched. Because of this reason slate slabs are brittle and can get damaged easily while working. So to make anything from slate slab it is better to have about 10% more than required number of slabs.

The hardness, color, physical and chemical properties of slate slab differ with the place of its origin. Indian slate slabs are of different kinds and available in wide array of colors. These are too unique and astonishing. You can also get slate slab from China, Europe and America. European slate slabs have more cost than the China ones.
All the slate stone artifacts are available in different finishes and dimensions. Manufacturers are adept at providing custom designs to suit different applications. Slate slab is a very hard natural stone so anything made from slate will naturally be hard. Slate slab suppliers supply all kinds of available slates. Suppliers get these from different locations and sell it in the local as well as international market. You will also find the slate slab wholesalers selling various designs and colors of this natural stone. Slate slab cost is less than the other natural stone like granite and marble. Also the installation is simple and easy.

Types of Slate Slab Stones

There is a wide variation in the composition and colors of the slate stones. Slabs made from slate stone are available in a vast variety of colors like gray, blue, brown and green.

Indian slate slabs are of various types like Autumn Rustic, Copper Natural, Copper Polished, Golden Natural, Himachal White, Zeera Green Polished, Silver Grey Natural etc. Find out various types of slate stones in India.

Slate Slab Usage

Slate Slab Countertops

Your kitchen will definitely breathe with the slate slab countertops. You can pick different colors of the slate slab countertops and create the difference. The black slate slab countertops are very famous. You can give it a polished as well as a natural look.

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Slate Slab Hearth/Fireplace

Dull finish slate slab hearth or slate fireplace creates the classic surroundings that are unmatchable. Mostly to make slate slab hearth dark grey or black slate slabs are used. Slate also retards fire which makes it a perfect choice to make fireplaces and hearths.

Slate Slab Flooring

Slate slab flooring is one of the most common usages of natural slate slab. Either the large slab or small pieces of it in regular or irregular shapes are used to do slate slab flooring. You can make slate slab flooring in patio, living room, bathroom, on kitchen floor, garden and also in bedroom. Either go with the single color or muti color slate slab to make the floor. Also you can have many shapes of slate slab to make the slate slab flooring. Generally rectangular slate slabs are used for living room, bedroom and other indoor floors and for outdoor flooring irregular slates are preferred.

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Slate Slab Coffee Table

Slate Slab Coffee Table
Slate Slab Coffee Table
No other table can look as beautiful as slate slab coffee table. Owing to their uniqueness slate slab coffee tables are very popular. Check the magical effect of the slate slab coffee table with wrought iron. Also the small slabs are used in a wooden frame for an exotic look. You can also get different shapes and sizes of slate slab coffee table.

You must select the perfect coffee table as it is the center of attraction and very important part of decor. Coffee table brings other pieces together. Slate stone coffee table has irresistible beauty and strength. Also these tables are resistant to fire, acid and heat so this will have a longer life than any other table.

Slate Waterfall/ Slate Fountain

Slate Waterfall
Slate Slab Waterfall
To make slate waterfall, the perfect slate slabs are picked and used by the manufacturer. The slate slab waterfall artisans then work on these slabs to create the beauty that can be used inside as well as outside your home. Here the color variation, patterns on the slate slab plays a vital role in the appearance of the slate slab fountain. Also the slate slabs are chisled and given a proper shape to make waterfall. Also in some of the slate waterfalls thin veneers of the slab are taken to create the light weight.

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