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Slate roof is made from the weather proof stone, which makes the slate stone the perfect choice for all kinds of roofing applications. For the purpose of slate roofing, there is a wide choice in colors of slate, which is usually some shade or combination of gray, green, purple, black and red. The suppliers of roof slate can provide, besides the standard slate sizes, slate in other sizes, especially made to suit diverse specifications. These colors are found in a variety of hues amongst a number of quarries.

You can also get the varied thickness of slate roof tiles. Generally the thickness of the slate sheet varies with the purpose for which it's being used. The manufacturers of roofing slates can make them as per the demands of roofers, contractors, suppliers and home owners. Slate roofing material is always the slate stone that vary in thickness, color, dimensions and shape. Slate roof shingles last longer as compare to any other natural stone and undergo very less wear and tear. Some of the slate roofs are older than a century. Slate stone roofing suppliers get the rocks from the place of their origin and also export the same in different countries as the color, strength and properties are location specific. Besides roof slate, slate shingles and stones are also used to do slate flooring, slate paving, slate backsplash, countertops and wall cladding.

Different Types of Slate Roof and Slate Roofing Tiles

Standard slate roof

Standard slate roof A "Standard" slate roof is composed of slate approximately 3/16" thick. The pieces are of one uniform standard length and width and are cut with a square tail (or butt) which is then laid to uniform horizontal lines. Slate slate roofing gives pleasant appearance and requires very less maintenance. It is just the initial slate roof cost that will bother you but once the slate roof is installed properly there is almost negligible maintenance. Applying two or more sizes on the same area, which will not only vary the visible pattern but also create additional shadows and shading, may vary standard roofs.

Scale Slate Roof

Scale Slate Roof Scale slate roof is also called the round or "Fish Scale" Slate roof. In this type, the slate roofing tiles are of round shape from one side and flat from the other. While installing roof slate the rounded side is placed downwards whereas the flat slate roof is fixed beneath. This gives the look of fish scale and makes a very good slate roofing.

Textural Slate Roof

Textural Slate Roof A "Textural" slate roof designates pieces of material having a rougher texture than the "Standard" and perhaps uneven tails. They may even display variations of thickness or size. Different shades may be used to enhance the color effect of the overall design. To have more natural look in the slate roof style the random width of slate roofing tiles is taken. This is an outstanding architectural style in which one slate does not match to the other. You can also create various slate roofing designs like place the longer slate diagonally in the roof with thicker slate at the edges.

Graduated Slate Roof

Graduated Slate Roof A "Graduated" slate roof is a combination of the "Textural" slate utilizing even more modifications in thickness, size and exposure. In this graduated roof slate tile vary both in length and width. The thickest and longest pieces are generally placed at the eaves and gradually diminish in size and thickness going up to the ridge. The large and heavy slate stones are placed at the bottom of roof slate. Heavy slate stone in this part of the roof is perfect as this is the area where slate roof is exposed to maximum water. Upper portion of graduated slate roof contains small and light weight slate. This means that graduated slate roof is graduated in size. This slate roofing style is very eye catching.

Square Double Slate Roofing

Square Double Slate Roofing Square double slate roofing is another style of slate roof in which the top part of slate stone is covered by two slates, one from above and one from beneath. If the roof is very steep then the overlapping will be less. Like this there is a triple slate roofing that protects slate roof from leakage.

Multi-Colored Slate Roofing

Ribbon-slate roof in Poughkeepsie, New York To make multi-colored slate roof different colors of slate roofing tiles are picked and arranged randomly or in a particular order. Roof installer can make the slate roof tiles of same color to run in a strip diagonally of in straight line. Along with this these can also be placed in a circular manner. The ribbon slate style is the most common of all. This style of roof slate is picked for decorative purposes.

Mixed Shape Style of Roof Slate

Mixed Shape Style of Roof Slate In mixed shape style of roof slate various shapes of slate roofing tiles are picked and then arranged in an order for the desired result. Here the length and breadth of the roof slate tile is kept the same. You also create patterns by using different colors of slate tiles in slate roof making. Along with this slate roof can also be patterned in the form of inscription in which you can in script the name, year or anything you want.

Slate Roof Color

The color of Slate is determined by the chemical and mineralogical composition of the stone being quarried. Since these factors differ in various localities, it is possible to obtain slate roofing material in a variety of colors and shades.

Shapes of slate stone for Slate Roof

  • Shallow Bevel Slate
    Bevel Slate
  • Deep Bevel Slate
    Bevel Slate
  • Pointed Slate
    Pointed Slate
  • Shallow Scallop Slate
    Scallop Slate
  • Deep Scallop Slate
    Scallop Slate
  • Square Slate
    Square Slate

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