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Slate Crafts

Slate Stone

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Slate is a natural stone, whose life span is virtually endless and so the slate crafts. The color of stone remains permanent and it is as much at home on the kitchen countertop or fireplace as it is on the patio or furniture. So slate products can be seen inside as well as outside your home to beautify it. Craftsmen have taken fancy to slate stone and have been engaged in the manufacture of a large variety of slate stone handicrafts and slate products.

Slate rock is absolutely resistant to fire and retain its color for a longer period of time. Also slate rock has the property to resist acid attack along with easy to maintain quality. It is also very on installation so if you are thinking of slate flooring, slate countertops and other such products then you can do it yourself. Needless to say that slate crafts will have all these properties.

Slate Application Outside the Home

Slate Patios

Slate Patio

One of the chief slate product is the slate patio. To make slate patio, slate rock is used in variety of ways ranging from square, rectangular or irregular shapes. You can mix and match the different colors of slate stone to get the desired result. Excellent slate craft can be shown on slate patio.

Slate Walkway

Slate Walkways

Slate walkway in your garden and outside your home can really make the difference in the whole appearance and one of the nice slate stone products. If you want natural as well as very neat look then slate walkway in the best option. You can make it in your garden at the entrance of your home or where ever it is required.

Interior Decor Slate Products

Slate Fireplace

Slate Fireplace

Fire resistant property makes slate rock an ideal choice to make slate fireplaces. The wide range of colors, textures and patterns further add further force architects to use this is different slate applications. Slate rock can also spilt to any thickness, shape making it adaptable to any design of slate fireplaces.

Slate Floor

Slate Stone Floor

Different look of the slate products like slate flooring is possible because of the wide variety of shape, texture and available colors in slate stone. Slate floor is one of the most common slate applications that is done both in the natural as well as finished form. Different placement of slate stone along with color and texture creates the different look of slate floors.
Slate Backsplash

Slate Rock in Your Kitchen

Slate Backsplash

In addition to the said slate products you can use slate rock as kitchen backsplash. You can place the similar sized slate tiles of different sizes of slate tiles to create the effect. Diagonal placement of slate rock is dominant over the others. Backsplash made from slate stone is practical as slate is resistant to fire and most of the stains. Also it just need water and very mild soap to clean.

Slate Countertops

Slate Countertop

Slate kitchen countertops are easy to install and work upon but it is recommended not to drag anything on the slate countertops in your kitchen. Also it s better to chop vegetable on the chopping board rather than slate countertop as slate stones without sealant takes scratches very easily and it is hard to remove them. But apart from this slate countertops add elegance and magic to the kitchen and a marvelous piece of art.

Decorate Your Home Interior With Slate Rock

Slate Coffee Table

Slate Coffee Table

Slate rock really rocks in the form of slate furniture and slate tables. Slate coffee tables are liked by all.

Slate Fountain for Wall

Slate Fountain

Looking for wall fountain or tabletop fountain or outdoor fountain that has the natural appeal and very less maintenance. If yes then search the slate fountains that have all these qualities. The natural stale rock in the form of slate slab is used to make the wall slate fountains. The number, texture, size and color of slate stone vary as per the requirement. One of the skillful slate applications!

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