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Slate Sealer

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Slate Sealer Slate sealing is the process by which the surface of slate stone is treated with sealer to reduce the staining and absorption of water and gas. As slate stone is porous natural stone therefore air and gas can easily pass through this and thus damaging it. Slate sealer stop the easy flow of air and water thus helps in protecting the slate stone. So if you leave your slate stone untreated then the life of this natural stone will get reduced. Also if you want matte of glossy finish then you can apply the slate sealer. Every type of slate application like slate flooring, slate roofing, paving and backsplashing can be treated with slate stone sealant.

Wax for Slate Sealing: Its Drawback

Earlier the wax was used to seal the slate but it causes more harm to the beauty of this unique natural stone. Firstly it makes the surface very slippery and it also discolors the slate. Wax after certain period of time turns to yellow that change the appearance of the slate stone. So it is not recommended to use wax.

Slate Tile Sealers

Today there are many types of chemical slate tile sealers in the market that can be used effectively. These do not change the slate stone physically so you can have what you have bought. Some of the sealers are such that these give wet look to the slate stone, which imparts to the beauty.
Type of slate sealers you will use depends upon the type of slate stone. Brazilian and Vermont slate stone has less absorption rate whereas Chinese and Indian has more absorption rate. And if you are using soft slate stone then you will have to be extra specific for the type of slate stone sealant. Soft stale stones also need to pre seal and for this use porous slate seal. For air quality use water based sealers like polyurethane sealers and for protection penetrating slate sealers are the best.

There are three main slate sealers

Slate Stone Sealant Uses

Main Features of Slate Stone Sealers

All slate sealers manufactured in the market have certain commom features such as follows:

Slate Seal Instruction

  1. You will get the glossy as well as matte finish slate sealant. So depending upon the look that you want choose any one. You can also use something that is in between these two extremes. Water based sealers are semi gloss and very durable. It brings out the natural color of slate stone. You will get this from any hardware or home improvement store.
  2. Pre seal the soft slate stone tile before placing them at their place. For this first clean and wash the tiles and let them dry completely. It may take a week. Apply very thin coat of sealant and let it dry for a day or so.
  3. Now you can place and fix the slate stone tiles with mortar.
  4. Once the mortar is dry prepare the mixture for grouting. Put slate sealer in grout mixture so that it becomes more resistant towards water.
  5. Do the grouting and remove any mixture over the slate tile so that the surface remains clear. Let the tile in that for at least a week.
  6. Once the slate tile has been dried, cleaned and washed properly, apply the slate stone sealant on it. To apply slate sealers follow the grain pattern and evenly apply the sealant over the surface.
  7. Keep the area as ventilated as possible as sealant give off toxic fumes. Let the slate tile sealer to dry for about three hours. Now you can apply the second coat of slate tile seal to slate seal. Let this dry for at least 2 hours.

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