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About Slatestone

Slate Stone

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Slate Stone Walkways
Slate Stone Walkways
Slate stone is a natural stone that is basically a fine-grained rock formed by the composition of mud and stone sediment. Being a natural material, slate stone is found beneath the earth's surface in many countries throughout the world. Most of it commercially comes from the quarries in India, China, Africa, Brazil, USA and Italy.

Slate suppliers and slate exporters extract the natural slate and sell both natural as well as polished form of this. These two differ in color tone as the polished ones are bit darker than the natural slate stones. There is a huge variety of color in Indian slate stone that is not found in any other variety of slate stone.

This natural slate stone can be used inside as well outside the home to make floor, roofs, walkways, in bathroom and as well as outside the home.

Slate Stone Color

Slate Stone Roofing
Slate Stone Roofing
Natural slate stone is found in wide range of color including pink, chocolate, brown, red, green, purple, golden, silver, grey, white, black and also as multi-colored slate stone. This is one of the most beautiful and artistic creations by nature.

Uses of Natural Slate Stone

Here, you can know just about everything related to slate stone, right from its chemical & physical properties to its installation and maintenance.

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