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Black Slate Hearth
Black Slate Hearth
Slate hearth is the one of the best fireplace hearths as these are fire resistant. Hearths are placed directly in front of the firebox on the floor of the room. Slate hearth manufacturers and suppliers use all kinds of slate tiles and slabs to get the best for you. Most of the homeowners prefer the black slate tiles but you will also find many other colors like brown, red, grey etc that can be used for making the slate hearths. It is basically the slate fireplace and your room decor that will define the color of the slate hearth.

Common Types of Slate Hearths

It is actually the shape of the fireplace slate hearth that define its type. So based on that you can have

Slate Hearth Edge Profiles

Also the edge profiles of the slate hearth differ a lot and basically it is the type of floor that decides the type.
Chamfeared Bullnose
Rounded Plain
Now if you want to keep the slate hearth at the same level as that of your slate floor then use the plain profile.
Round and chamfered edge profiles of the slate hearth are used in case finished floor adjoins the side of the slate stone hearth.
For the raised fireplace hearth the bullnose edge profile is used.

Why to Use Slate Hearth?

How to Clean Slate hearth?

Cleaning the slate hearth can be time consuming so need your patience. Before cleaning it is better to cover the adjoining floor with cloth.
  1. Do not use liquid or hard wax on the slate hearth as it will lead to the formation of white rings where you placed coffee mug earlier.
  2. Remove the dust with soft cloth before applying any cleaning agent or spray.
  3. To give slate hearth a shinny surface never go with varnish.
  4. To clean the white marks or smudges from the slate hearth mix evenly a strong solution of tri-sodium phosphate. Apply this solution with sponge over the slate stone hearth and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Now take the pot scrubber but not the steel wool and scrub the sol. with this. Rinse the slate hearth with cool water and let it dry.

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