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Slate Floor Tiles

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Slate Floor Tiles
Slate Floor Tiles
Slate floor tiles are very popular flooring tiles of recent times. Slate tiles wherever laid add elegant and sophisticated looks. Slate floor tiles are preferred as flooring tiles for a variety of reasons main being the beauty, strength, durability, and low maintenance needs of slate tiles. Although slate flooring tiles are more commonly used as bathroom floor tiles and kitchen floor tiles, they can also be seen on living room floorings and even as outdoor flooring solutions.

Characteristics of Slate Floor Tiles

Slate floor tiles are slip resistant. As such, they are considered to be a good choice for bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring where the floor can get wet frequently. Slate floor tiles are generally available in subtle colors and textures. With a wide variety of designs, colors, and textures, these flooring tiles prove to be an economical option for home construction as well as home remodeling. A slate floor tile, due to its strength, can survive repeated and heavy traffic without losing its natural beauty and this is why they are preferred as outdoor flooring tiles.

Types of Slate Floor Tiles

Types of slate floor tiles are categorized according to four parameters- color, size, thickness and texture of the slate tiles.

Colors of Slate Floor Tiles

Some of the common colors in which slat floor tiles are available include
Mostly these colors in slate floor tiles come in earthy shades or hues that look more natural. However, some of the slate flooring tiles also have shiny finish such as riven black slate flooring.

Sizes of Slate Floor Tiles

Generally, the slate companies manufacture both square and rectangular slate floor tiles. These flooring tiles come in sizes that range between very small slate tiles (6X6) to tiles that are over 2 feet wide. Some of the preferred slate floor tile sizes include
Slate Floor Tiles

Thickness of Slate Floor Tiles

Slate floor tile or any other slate tile have thickness variation from tile to tile. The flooring professionals can give an idea about thickness of slate floor tiles needed for various projects such as for bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, patio flooring etc. Usually slate is under an inch thick and the thickness of slate floor tile vary in a range of 3/8"-7/16".

Texture of Slate Floor Tiles

Texture or the type of finish is one of the most common criteria for classifying slate floor tiles.

Natural Face or Split-Face Slate Tile- Slate floor tiles with this type of finish are one of the most popular choices for slate tile flooring. The 'split' is the area where the slate has been removed from the slate bed. Therefore, this type of slate tile finish maintains the natural and uneven texture that gives a slip resistant flooring and hence are preferred as bathroom, kitchen and outdoor flooring tiles.

Honed Slate Tile- These are slate floor tiles with smooth surface. Honed slate tile is grounded for a smooth finish- a process called honing. As these honed slate tiles give a polished look, they are used as decorative floor tiles for kitchen flooring as well as for dining and living room flooring.

Trimmed Slate Tile- Slate Flooring tiles are also available in trimmed styles. These types of Slate Floor Tile have beveled or trimmed edges as against the strait edges of usual slate floor tiles. These trimmed slate floor tiles are mostly preferred as outdoor flooring tiles.

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Slate Floor Tiles | Slate Wall Tiles | Outdoor Slate Tiles

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