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DIY Project: Installing Slate Countertops
in Kitchen

21 September 2010- Slate countertops are a classy addition to a kitchen. Being a durable and easy to maintain natural material, it is one of the most preferred choices as kitchen slabs and countertops. If one plans to install these slate countertops personally then it is rather important to have requisite knowledge and tools for the same. Discussed below is the proper way of installing a slate slab in kitchen, have a look:

Get a Pre-Cut Slate

It is wise to get the slate cut professionally, beforehand as slate is an extremely hard stone and cutting it would require a diamond saw. Thus, to save the extra efforts and avoiding the risk of missing the right cut on the slate, it is better to have it pre-cut by a professional cutter. The masonry stores offering slate sheets also provide the cutting of slate as well. Make sure in the process, you get the holes done for the sink and faucets too.

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Attaching to Hardwood

It is quite common to attach a slate slab on a hardwood cabinet. The attaching or the installation of slate countertop with the hardwood has to be extremely secure. Bolting can be one option for attaching the two surfaces but this would call for drilling in the countertop as well as threading of a bolt within a brace mounted over the cabinet. In case bolts doesn't seem a good idea to you, try using slate adhesive as that too can prove worthwhile for sticking the two surfaces.

Touch Ups

Brighten up the slate countertop using oil for a glossy finish. Slate slabs too can be rendered sheen and gloss like the porcelain sheets by polishing the slate sheet with towel and oil or removing the scratches using steel wool. Thus, with little efforts you can easily install a slate countertop in your kitchen or any where else within your home.

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