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Advantages and Applications of Slate Stone Veneer

17 Jan 2011- Slate stones veneer are used world wide today for enhancing the beauty of interiors and exteriors of many homes. Slate veneer is the artificial form of slate. They are light weight aggregates available in various colors. One of the main reasons of using slate veneer is that they weigh considerably less than their natural counterpart and they are also less expensive. They are easy to install and make a wonderful decorative accent at homes.

Slate stone veneer is a cheaper option as compared to the real slate stones and thus for all who prefer stone work for their homes can use veneer which give the same look as stones but at a comparatively cheaper rates. Moreover. All natural stones are not easily available. The slate stone veneer is an artificial stone but still carries the same look as any slate stone.

Slate Veneer
Slate Venner in Exterior Space

How is slate veneer produced?

Slate stone veneer is actually a thin covering of the slate stone that is used to cover the other surface of the stone. Being strong and eco-friendly, stone veneer is a man made stone made from portland cement and pumice (lava rock). A slatestone veneer is produced by pouring a light weight concrete mix to rubber forms of varied styles and using a coloring process they are painted which makes it resemble real stone. The veneer thus produced is attached to the area with special mortars.

Advantages of using slate veneer

A slate stone veneer has many advantages over a real slate stone . Their main advantages are as follows:
Stone Veneer
Slate Stone Veneer in Interior Space

Application of slate stone veneer

Can be installed on interior surfaces like fireplaces, interior walls or even bathrooms. Even commercial buildings like hotels and conference centers have used stone veneer panels for interior decor. In most homes today, stone veneer is used. A normal plain wooden or brick house can have a stone veneer covering which will provide a stone cottage effect. An old chimney can be given a face lift using stone veneer. Dress up plain concrete walls which otherwise look dull by using a stone veneer. This will offer a far more attractive look and make it a little more three dimensional. Interior walls can be made more attractive by a slate stone veneer. The demand for stone veneer is thereby increasing because everyone is catching on to their advantages and applications.

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