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Slate Chips for Decorating Outdoor Space

12 Jan 2011- Slate chips are small pieces of slate stones which are widely used as a base for garden paths and the large sized pieces are used as fences. In most cases, the slate stone chips are widely used as topside material. For dramatically changing the appearance of any outdoor space, slate chips are a good option.This is a relatively low cost and easy method to decorate your garden area. Not only the small slate chips look good and enhance the appearance of the outdoor space, they are also durable and give an everlasting impression. These can be effectively used in garden landscaping plans. Can also be used in driveways. They provide an effective feature to gardens compared to plants and flowers as they look very attractive.

Slate chips are also known as slate aggregates. They are decorative stone chips in varied colors. Some are the natural colors of the stone while others are painted with different colors to make it more bright and colorful. Slate chips are a perfect material for use when decorating your garden, as they never go out of fashion. These have been used from a very long time. Right from the days of the Romans, when they used stone chips built their roads. With the invention of cement and concrete in the 19th Century, the use of slate chips as garden gravel or pathways became very popular. They are today a popular design feature in outdoor space.

Slate Chips
Slate Chips in Outdoor Space
Colour is a key factor to consider when you plan out garden landscaping or when you want to change your outdoor space. There is an array of different sizes of slate stones chips available, and a spectrum of colours to choose from. Many go for the neutral color options. But multi colors give a stylish look to garden. The colorful slate stone chips are effective and funky alternative to conventional garden gravel. They create an outdoor space with a modern, contemporary feel.

There are various areas in an outdoor space which are suitable for laying decorative slate stone chips. For smaller garden areas, slate chips look good when laid in planters. These chips can not only look highly attractive but can also provide much-needed drainage and protection for the plant. Patios are also another areas for laying decorative slate chips. A popular area for chips usage is on a gravel driveway. Try using larger sized chips for this purpose. The best thing about slate chips are that they won't go out of date, they won't rot, they are not slippery and they are durable.
Slate Stones Chips
Slate Stone Chips in Garden Landscaping
Chips are much easier to maintain than a huge expanse of grass and shrubs. A perfect way to make the outdoor space more manageable is to make areas and pathways between the grass. This can add structure and form to your garden.

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