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Slate PavingSlate stone has become a popular medium for both commercial and residential exterior paving applications. In high demand due to its natural beauty, performance characteristics, low maintenance, and durability, slate stone is extremely hard, unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles, naturally slip resistant and unfading. Manufacturers produce these stones for paving purposes in custom sizes and offer several finishes and designs.

Sizes, Shapes and Colors of Slate Paving

Tiles used for pavement are available in many shapes such as square, rectangular, patterns, irregular and custom shapes. They can be made in many sizes, thicknesses and finishes. Custom sizes depend on slate stone selected, finish, thickness, joint width and other factors. The most common paving colours for slate are black and dark grey but other variants like green and some metallic finishes like copper, ocean, and salmon pink are also available.

Welsh Slate for Paving

A popular slate stone is the Welsh slate. This slate stone is widely used for paving pripose. Slate stone for paving is commonly found in the UK but welsh slate, which is also used for roofing and landscaping originates from India, Brazil and China. Welsh slate is known for its fine-grained texture. Moreover it is also available in some distinctive colours like predominantly blue-greys, dark blues, purple, plum etc. These when combined with a range of formats, like sawn or riven gives an an altogether wonderful look to the entire pavement. Slate paving is usually supplied with a riven texture. It becomes more expensive when a honed finish is required.

Demand for Slate Stone Paving

Slate stone is a highly sought after material for paving. For exterior patios and driveways, slate stone paving offers more character and authenticity. Slate has been used as a building stone from a very long time. Its laminar nature makes it easy to work and cleave. It is today a popular choice for roofing and walling as well as paving. What differentiates slate from other stones is its ability to be split into thin sheets making it ideal for paving, roofing, cladding etc. Slate stones can be given a number of different finishes like honed, sand rubbed etc.

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