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Slate Pavers for Patio, Driveway,
Flooring and Landscaping

Slate Pavers
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Slate pavers are made from the natural slate stone that is known for durability and strength. Slate stone is available across the world in different colors and properties. It consists of quartz, muscovite and very small amount of chlorite, magnetite and graphite. Slate stones for paving are available in straight edges, straight size and in various sizes and thickness. With these features it is really very easy to get beautiful slate pavers and slate patio pavers.

You can make various patterns and designs of slate pavers with this stone that has different textures on it. Also this stone has less than 5% absorption rate and has high compressive strength. Slate pavers can be a great alternative to walkways, decking and patios.

Like slate tiles and slate slabs you can also use slate planks for the same. The slate planks are of different length and width and looks like wooden planks. Gauging at the bottom is done for the smooth look. The slate stone can be cut into various dimensions, patterns and shapes.

It is recommended to install slate paver stone and slate patio paver on mortar. For high grade exterior installation the slate paving can be done on high grade plywood. But never install it on the sand. You can polish the slate stone if you like glossy look. But the gloss needs to be reapplied after wearing off.

Slate Paver Color

Slate tile come in all sorts of amazing colors and so does the slate pavers. From dark black to red, brown, purple all colors are there in slate stone pavers. No two tiles of the slate stone are same and that is the beauty of this stone. The distinct look of slate pavers make it perfect for the exterior as well as interior of the home. You can construct steps, put it on the walls and balconies because of slate stone's huge strength.

Dark colors of slate pavers are more likely to fade away because of the higher iron in them.

Make Slate pavers around the pool as these are slip resistant and perfect for this place. The slate stone practically unaffected by the acid so they are also perfect for the pool deck. You can seal the slate stone pavers once in three months so that the color does not fade away.

Shapes of Slate Stone Pavers

Many kinds of shapes of slate paver stones are available and the most common among these are: You can either use the single shape or can create a different look by combining different shapes. The slate pavers suppliers supply the custom made shapes.

Slate Pavers Applications

There are number of applications for slate pavers. The most common residential applications are patios, flooring , walkways, driveways, interior flooring, balconies, pathways and sideways. You can also make the wall cladding, steps, landscaping with slate paver stone. Slate pavers are also recommended by the architects and builders as number of designs can be created. Moreover this is highly durable, slip resistant and easy to maintain natural stone.

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