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Check out here all information about slate tiles, about types of slate tiles like floor tiles, wall tiles, slate tiles patterns, slate tiles colors and textures, slate tile surface. You can also send ONLINE ENQUIRY for wholesale purchase of slate tiles, flooring slate tiles, wall slate tiles, outdoor slate tiles etc...
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Natural Slate Tiles on Floor

About Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are extensively used in flooring, roofing, kitchen backsplash paving and to make kitchen slabs and also in slate patios. Brazil, India, China, Italy, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA are the chief countries where the slate tiles are found.

Slate tile has varied degree of compressive strength and hardness and can be used for exterior as well as interior applications. Slate tiles not only look good but also very cost effective if you are considering to put natural stone on wall or floor. Fire resistant and anti-slip quality further make the natural slate tiles the perfect choice by homeowners and interior designers. Also if you look at the color then there is a range of exotic colors in the bouquet of slate tiles to make it more desirable.They may be available in a plethora of shapes such as square, rectangular, triangular, irregular, or custom made shapes.

Types of Slate tiles

Natural Slate Tiles

Send ONLINE ENQUIRY for wholesale purchase of slate tiles, flooring slate tiles, wall slate tiles, outdoor slate tiles etc.

Slate Tiles Patterns

Slate tiles are available in varied patterns to suit the different needs of users. Manufacturers of slate tiles specialize in custom-making a large range of patterns for slate tiles that can be copied from a number of traditional layouts or designed to give a more artistic or individual scheme. Also slate tile patterns in floor can be made by using different color and size of this natural stone. Learn how to remodel your kitchen with slate stone.

Slate Tiles Colors & Textures

Slate tile provide a large choice of color and textures, and individual designs are limitless. You can get it in black, copper, greenish grey and purplish grey but the most abundant is early color that is composed of brown, yellow and beiges. Slate tile is also available in multi-color so you will have many colors in one tile only. So while working with multi-color slate tiles you will have to be very cautious as every tile will be different and look so unique. So creating slate tile pattern here is a bit challenging. Along with this while creating a pattern consider the surface of this natural stone.
Slate Tile Surface & Colors

Slate Tile Surface

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