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Outdoor Slate Tiles

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Outdoor Slate Tile
Outdoor Slate Tile
Outdoor slate tile is just perfect for slate patios. Any outdoor tile must have some specific features to be used as exterior tiles. These features include- durability, slip resistance, strength to tolerate high traffic (as people will walk most of the time on outdoor flooring, walkway or steps to go in and out), resistance to weather changes etc. Slate outdoor tile almost satisfies all the conditions to be used as exterior tiles. Slate Outdoor slate tiles are used used in patios and on walkways. They are always demanded for exterior decoration of homes and commercial buildings like hotels, restaurants, offices etc. Chrck out some beautiful designs of slate outdoor tiles in our photo gallery below:

Outdoor Slate Tiles Images

Applications of Outdoor Slate Tiles

Outdoor slate tiles are used as the following exterior tile applications

Characteristics of Slate Outdoor Tile

Certain types of exterior slate tiles are more useful for outdoor applications than others. The chemical structure of the outdoor tile is the primary characteristic that determines how useful that particular type of tile will be outdoors? The slate tile that has rough surface texture or the one that is not polished or honed is particularly good as an outdoor tile. They are more slip resistant avoiding any kind of accidents. For example, sandblasted slate tile or split face slate tile, both are good outdoor tiles. Some of the other slate tiles like those made from red slates are not so suitable for outside application. There is a reason for this. The red hue often is due to the iron oxide that has formed on the stone's surface. Iron oxide is the same compound that is responsible for creating rust. This tile if used as an outdoor tile responds to iron oxide in much the same way as metal responds to rust. It tends to crumble after prolonged exposure to rain and snow. Therefore, red slate tiles should be avoided for outside use. However, they can be used for interior decoration for great results.

Slate stone outdoor tiles always add a touch of urban sophistication to most residential and commercial designs. The textured feel of the outdoor slate tiles will bring dimension to those designs.

Other characteristics of slate tiles that make it a great outdoor tile include its ability to absorb water, and the degree to which it tends to cleft, or split. These qualities increase the durability of outdoor slate tile and maintain its natural appearance, even when it is broken. For example, a slate roofing remains relatively flat and easily stackable even when broken. Also, the outdoor tile manufacturers these days come up with newer and interesting outdoor tile designs that give a wide array of options for outdoor slate tiles to the home decorators.

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