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Slate Tiles Slate Tiles
Slate tiles are increasingly becoming popular for paving patios, covering walls or building stairs. Slate stone manufacturers and exporters, thus, have all types of interesting tile designs & textures.

Slate Stone Strips Slate Stone Strips
Slate stone strips are one of the important slate stone types. They find application for wall cladding, roofing and flooring purposes.

Slate SlabsSlate Slabs
Slate slabs are used to create a large variety of artifacts that are used in kitchens, living rooms or in gardens.

Slate Chips Slate Chips
Slate chips are pieces of slate stone in smaller sizes. They are one of the slate stone types becoming popular fast for outdoor applications as well as home decoration.

Slate SlabsSlate Backsplash
Slate stone is such a wonderful natural stone that you cannot resist it. No only flooring and walls but also you will find amazing slate kitchen tile backsplash.

Slate Chips Slate Floorings
A large variety of colors in slate stones are used for flooring purposes. Different colors in slate include browns, greens and purples, sea greens and grays.

Slate SlabsSlate Roofing
Slate stone is used extensively for roofing commercial buildings & residences. Natural slate stone is perfect exterior slate tile- highly durable, and attractive- an ideal medium for roofing.

Slate Chips Slate Paving
Paving application(specially exterior), slate outdoor tile is perfect choice. Outdoor tiles in a wide range of colors & combination of gray, green, purple, black & red, makes it the topmost medium in priority list.

Slate SlabsSlate Wall Cladding
Yet another area of application of slate stone is wall cladding. Slate stone is highly used for wall cladding as it is resistant to all kinds of weather changes and environmental conditions.

Slate Chips Slate Landscaping
Natural Slate stone is also gaining popularity as outdoor slate tile & a stone for lanscaping slate patios, gardens & other outdoor spaces due to its innate rugged and soft texture.

Slate Chips Slate Wall Tiles
Slate wall tiles are popular for building construction & home remodeling. One of the slate stone types that are in much demand with slate stone exporters world over.

Slate Floor Tiles Slate Floor Tiles
Slate floor tiles- popular slate products for flooring of recent times. Thus, slate stone manufacturers come up with innovative slate flooring tile patterns & textures.

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