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Slate Floorings

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Slate Floorings
Slate Flooring
Slate, being a slip-resistant medium, is often used for different flooring applications. The colors and subtle textures of a slate floor can complement any interior design scheme. Natural slate has a look that cannot be matched using man-made alternatives. Slate floor tile manufacturers and suppliers have tapped the immense advantages offered by the slate stone and offer economically viable options to buyers in terms of designs, colors and textures. High quality slab slabs are used to make the slate flooring.Installing a slate floor tile is very easy.

About Slate Floorings

Slate floorings cannot just be classified into outdoor floorings or indoor floorings. As slate is used for both types of floorings, there are many things to know about them like what slate flooring colors are preferably used for outdoor and for indoors, is slate floor durability enough to sustain the extreme weather conditions as well as high traffic when installed in patios or driveways etc., what are the types of slate floorings as well as types of slate flooring tiles? These and many other such information about slate floorings is compiled here that will be immensely useful for the home owners. There are many pros and cons associated with slate flooring.

Types of Slate Floorings

Natural slate has a medium or coarse texture but it does not mean that slate floorings too will have coarse texture only. Many treatments are given to slate flooring tile manufacturers as well as other flooring products by manufacturers to make available many types of slate floorings to home owners for home slate flooring.

Welsh Slate flooring-

For those who want the highest quality of floorings, welsh slate flooring is the answer. Welsh slate in general is considered the finest slate in the world. It is the strongest and most durable known slate of the time. Welsh slate- the riven slate with rough texture and dark blue/grey color- makes the most durable high quality slate flooring type.

Polished Slate Flooring-

For home owners who want o get all the advantages of slate floorings but do not want it to look rustic, there is the option of polished slate flooring. In fact, people who use alte floorings for their home areas like living room and dining room, especially want a smooth appearing polished slate flooring. Either polished slate floor tiles are installed or wax and emulsion based polishes are used for polishing slate floorings to protect as well as make them shiny.

Slate laminate flooring-

For those who find natural slate flooring too expensive in spite of its many advantages, there are other affordable options too that appear exactly like slate floorings. Slate laminate flooring is one of such options. Laminate slate flooring is generally made by fusing together multiple layers of synthetic material through the process of lamination. The finished material look exactly like natural slate flooring.

Home Slate Flooring-

This is exactly not a type of slate flooring but a criteria for categorizing some types of slate floorings. Home slate flooring can be explained as the types of slate floorings specific to different areas of a house. For example, slate floorings can be laid both outdoors and indoors. As such, if we make a list of types of home slate flooring, it will somewhat look like as follows:

Slate Flooring Colors

Slate flooring can be done in a variety of colors because minerals and impurities in the silt and clays create a wide range of colors in natural slate. From dark charcoal black, rust red, greens, grays, maroons to mottled mixtures of these colors can be easily found to create unique slate floorings. The most popular slate flooring colors can be listed as follows:

Slate Floor Tiles

Slate floorings have become so popular in the recent times that a wide range of slate floor tiles have flooded the market. Innumerable varieties of flooring slate tile sizes, colors and textures have made it possible to have even more varieties of flooring slate tile surface. The flooring slate tile colors range from earthy gray, brown, to more basic colors like green, red, rustic yellow to fancy looking gold, pink and black slate flooring tiles. The sizes to vary from 6X6 to over 2 feet wide slate tiles. To know about detailed characteristics of slate flooring tiles, read Slate Floor Tiles

Slate Floor Durability

Slate is a very durable natural stone. Slate floor durability can be attributed to its origin. Slate stone is derived from rocks made with fossils, sand grains and other such natural materials. The tiny silt and clay particles bonded together under high temperature and pressure give slate its fine texture making it tough for liquids or stains to penetrate slate. Thus, saved from damaging factors, slate floorings have proved to be extremely durable in all circumstances.

Variety in Slate Floors

Variety in slate floors can be brought by using interesting colors, textures different types of slate flooring designs and patterns. Different colors in slate including browns, greens and purples, sea greens and grays can be installed using one or a number of these colors. Slate flooring tiles can sufficiently enhance the beauty of the floor. Attractive flooring schemes can be created using these beautiful natural stone colors and tiles in varying shapes and sizes. Another dimension that can also be added is that of texture. Slate flooring tiles are available in several finishes. Honed slate and tumbled slate are the most popular options. Bottom of the slate tiles is typically honed to be rather flat while their surfaces are generally riven, showing its natural and rough split, with edges tumbled.

Why Slate Stone is the Perfect Choice for Flooring?

The durability of a slate floor makes it a cost effective option in the long run. Three unique characteristics set slate apart from other flooring materials and they are- color, texture and available shapes and sizes. The list of reasons telling why slate stone is the perfect choice for flooring will make the point clear.

Slate Flooring Pictures

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