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Slate Countertops

Know all about slate countertops, advantages of slate stone countertops, shapes, colors and finishes of slate stone countertops. Also find here exculsive designs on kitchen slate counter tops and slate counter top suppliers...
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Slate Countertops Slate Countertops are one of the best options that a countertops manufacturer can provide. Homeowners these days focus on durable and functional as well as attractive material like natural stone countertops for kitchen remodeling. Probably this is the reason why slate countertop suppliers keep with themselves a wide range of slate stone products with various finishes, thicknesses, textures, and looks so that no two slate kitchen countertops can be alike. Beautiful slate slabs are used to make kitchen counter tops.

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Advantages of Slate Stone Countertops

There are many advantages of installing slate countertops. What is the most important fact is that a slate countertop fits well into a traditional design and work just as perfectly in a modern kitchen scheme.
Slate Counter Top

The only cause of concern about slate countertops is their cost that is a bit higher than the other options available for countertops. However, if one can analyze in long terms, slate countertops, in fact, are the most cost effective option taking into consideration their durability and low maintenance. Once installed, a slate countertop need not to be repaired or replaced for years.

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Shapes, Colors and Finishes of Slate Stone Countertops

Slate countertops are special because slate stone is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Square slate tiles, guillotine cut, random flagging, mosaic, and tumbled slate- all can be found to make a unique kitchen countertop design with slate stone.

Most of the slate countertops used in bathrooms or kitchens are in darker shades. But other colour shades of red, green, blue, and purple are also available. Providing a smooth and sleek appearance, earthy tones like greys, greens of slate stone countertops are very popular. Slate stone is a softer stone than granite. Slates tiles have long been used for roofing and flooring. The slate countertops are large sized slate tiles, which are refined, and given suitable textures. These countertops provide elegance to the look of your kitchen. You can find a wide range of slate tiles, to design kitchen and bathroom countertop slates in several shades of your choice. They should also be properly cleaned and maintained so as to ensure their durability and finishes.

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