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Interior Decoration with Classical
Slate Wall Fountain

By: Rk Oberoi

Slate Wall Fountain
Slate Wall Fountain
27 October 2010- Everyone today is after making his or her home to look good and for this, people try different but unique things. Even as the festival season is going on, dire need for decorating home is felt. Apart from all the existing glitters and furnishing items, the slate wall fountains are really a wonderful addition to any home. By placing the slate wall fountain, you can actually bring the charm of water fountain in your home and that too without utilizing any space.

Slate is one of the best materials that is used for making these fountains as it does not get damaged with water, acid or fire unlike other natural stones. Even it is very easy to maintain, so once installed there is no headache of maintaining it from time to time.

Also unlike other wall fountains the one made from slate are not that expensive. So slate fountain is certainly a very good interior decor option. The shimmery surface of slate makes it more attractive and when water flows above that then it look really dandifying. It is actually an opulent style of decorating the home or space.

You should have enough wall space for installing it. Also for a better look the space around the fountain should be enough.

There are one, two or three slab slate wall fountain and the selection depends upon the available space. If not interior then you can also install this in patio or backyard to enhance more natural appeal. Moreover with lighting and gurgling sound of falling water the whole ambiance will get an appeal of freshness. Mostly these have halogen lights and pressurized system for water. This ensures even and regular flow of water over the entire slate wall fountain. Also if you want to get the logo or name installed on that you can get that etched by the professionals.

Slate wall fountains are thus not only aesthetically good but these also create the cool, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to keep you and your guests at comfort. Length and the width can be customized as per requirement.

Most of the slate wall fountains are given copper frame that further enhance the overall look. But some of these are also available in wood, steel and other material. Carved slate wall fountains are becoming very popular. Carving is done on the edges and even on the surface. So make slate wall fountain as a part interior decor and give your home a style.

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