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Slate Fountains

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Slate FountainsSlate stone, the weather proof, rustic stone is a popular medium used for making different kinds of garden and home decoration items. A fountain is generally a structure, often decorative, from which a jet or stream of water issues. Manufacturers of slate stone handicrafts specialize in the bulk production of highly decorative stone fountains, which are available in contemporary and traditional styles for both garden and home. Slate fountains are artistically designed and used to fill your home with a soothing atmosphere.

Designs and Types of Slate Fountains

You can usually brighten up your interior space as well as outdoor space using slate fountains. Slate fountains are available in varied sizes depending on where they are placed. For interior you get small sized table slate fountains which can be kept on the corner table or on a cabinet shelf or even on the dining table. There are medium sized fountains also referred as floor slate fountains which are kept on the floors and give a very enhanced appearance when kept in the corner of your living room. Among the favorite designs are those of animals, saints, fairies, and fantasy characters that are chiseled out of slate stone.

The wall slate stone fountains are also very popular. An empty wall can easily be highlighted using slate wall fountains. They are handcrafted using the natural slate stone and given various shapes. They are either made of a single slate stone slab or varied slate chips joined together. These slate fountains are available in natural colors. Some are given artificial colors to make it more bright and colorful. Some are powder coated with transparent finish to maintain the texture of exquisite slate stone look. These slate wall fountains are designed to install easily and they are just perfect for home with natural decoration theme. Check out more in our article on Interior Decoration with Classical Slate Wall Fountain. There are slate fountains with hand-painted images on them giving a very exquisite artistic appeal.

Slate Stone Fountains
Slate Fountains: Slate Foor Fountain, Slate Wall Fountain, Slate Table Fountain

Popularity of Slate Fountains

Nowadays in most modern homes, we see fountains, specially made of stones. When slate stone is used to make fountains, there is an additional soothing effect to your indoors. When the water flows through natural slate, the beauty of the stone is increased. The stone itself is so appealing that anything crafted out of it looks great. It has an elegant appeal that does not overpower the environment. A slate fountain fills your senses with soothing feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. Moreover, with increased application of Feng Shui and Vastu principles in home, such a slate fountain represents earth, signifying strong grounding and stability.

Slate fountains besides being used in interiors are also popular garden decorative handicrafts. Having a slate fountain is a wonderful enhancement of the patio or garden, giving a welcoming impact on the visitors. Having a slate fountain in your office or reception area also provides the perfect combination of rustic stone beauty and elegance.

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