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Slate Coffee Table

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Slate Coffee TableA popular stone for making artifacts, slate stone the hard, strong and durable stone, is used to churn out a rich medley of ornate slate coffee tables. Among many pieces of furniture, coffee tables made out of this exquisite natural stone, are available in a huge range of styles and finishes, utilizing the natural features of slate stone, supplemented by appropriate smoothing and polishing. Besides the huge range of finished tables, different pieces can be custom made in any size, as per individual designs and specifications. Slate coffee tables become the centerpiece of your room.

Colors of Slate Top Coffee tables

Slate stone is available in many colors. Slate in its original form can be split into slabs and these slabs can be split again into thinner sheets and used as table tops for coffee tables. Usually the tapered legs of the tables are made of wood or metal and the beauty of the slate coffee table lies on the slate top. Slate stone is used in the table top to create a striking pattern of contrasting colours. The main colors that are popularly used to bring about a variation in the slate top coffee tables range are African Gold, Green, Autumn, Misty Blue, Rainbow, Copper, Peach Blossom, Peacock, Black. Apart from color, slate stone varies greatly in composition, texture and layering and hence, each piece is different from the other.

Slate Coffee Table Sets

Slate Top Coffee Table Sets

Beauty of Slate Coffee Tables

Slate coffee table sets are the perfect touch if you want to add a classic look to your room. Coffee with slate inserts or tops are just perfect to give a rustic look to your room's decor without losing the elegance of the room. These slate coffee tables bring warmth and elegance to any traditional room setting. There are slate coffee table sets with one coffee table and two end tables which complete the look of the living room. There are wooden drawers and shelves in some coffee tables for extra storage.

Advantages of Slate Coffee Tables

Coffee tables made of slate have a number of advantages such as follows:

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