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Cutting Slate Tile- The Easy Way

Cutting Slate Tile
Cutting Slate Tile
20 May 2010- Cutting slate tile sometimes becomes essential, particularly when you go for DIY home remodeling with slate stone or even when you want to create a slate craft (such as a simple slate coffee table or table top fountain with slate tiles.) If you have worked with slate earlier, you know it very well that cutting slate tile means to be extra cautious because slate is a soft stone and there is always a possibility to break it off. Cutting slate tile also produces a lots of dust. Here we bring you step by step instructions for cutting slate tile but before doing that you must understand the role of slate tile saw or any other tile cutter that you are going to use for the project.

Tile Saw for Cutting Slate Tile

When you cut slate tile, you will definitely need a tile cutter such as a tile saw. If planning for dry cutting slate tile, you can use a diamond blade in a circular saw or a bicarbonate blade in a jigsaw. You can even cut slate tile with a hacksaw. However, you must know that it will be a difficult task to cut slate tile with straight edges/lines with a jigsaw or hacksaw. If you are using a tile saw, go for the one with a movable cutting table as it is more effective than a table saw-style tile saw (for the reason that there is no resistance made from sliding a tile over the surface of the saw.) Also, you must not buy a slate tile saw if you will not need it often. Rather, rent a tile saw from a local tool rental center ( some home improvement stores and hardware stores also rent them) or you can borrow it from one of your friends who have it.

Cutting Slate Tile- Step by Step Instructions

Thicker slate tiles are more difficult to cut. So, it is better to cut thicker slate tiles more slowly than thinner tiles. If you are dry cutting slate tile, get prepared with all sorts of protective gears like safety glass, ear plugs, face masks etc. so that you do not inhale or be affected by the dust formed while cutting slate tile. Its better to cut tiles in an open area with all protective measures.
This was all about how to cut slate tile (dry cutting slate tile). You can even try wet cutting slate tile. This way of cutting slate tile produces lesser dust but is a total muddy mess. When you finish wet cutting slate tile, wash it well and let it dry thoroughly for some time before you use it to install for your slate craft project.

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