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Enhancing Interior Design with
Slate Stone Flooring

By: Rupunkel Slate stone flooring is today considered one of the most popular methods of enhancing the interior design of a house. Because of its rugged good looks and versatility, the slate stone plays a wide range of roles from tiles to slabs to chips to strips and can be used in floorings, roofings, back splashes, wall cladding and paving. However, the flooring made of slate stone has taken the upper hand in the maximum usage of this stone. From rustic to contemporary and sleek, the slate flooring can indeed enhance the look of a room.
The basic reason for the wide demand of this type of flooring is that the slate stone is highly durable, stain resistant, slip resistant, fireproof and has the property of retaining and radiating heat. The stone flooring is available in an wide assortment of colors like gray, black, red, pink, purple, green to match the decor of the room. Infact a well established store can display as many as 60 variants of colors in slate stone flooring.
Slate Stone Flooring
Slate Stone Flooring
For making floorings, slate tiles or slate slabs are used which are either rectangular or square in shape. They are available in varied sizes. Manufacturers also offer custom sizes. They are available in two forms: gauged or ungauged. When we talk about gauge slate, it implies the stone which has gone through a grinding machine, to smoothen only one side and there is a uniform uniform thickness for ease in setting the floors. On the other hand, the ungauged slat stone tiles or slabs are uneven on both sides. They are available in different thickness, and are ideally used as patio paving. The roughened texture of slate stone is very popular for flooring as it is extremely slip resistant. The irregular pattern of each tile or slab gives each tile a distinct look when grouped with others in a large area, thereby giving a one-of-a-kind appearance. Nowadays manufacturers are also offering tumbled slatestone in small and etched pieces to create ornamental details.

Slate stone is wonderful for flooring. The range of attractive colors, pleasing patterns and designs available has made this stone a popular ornamental and decorative stone. The beautiful slate stone flooring work wonders in creating a graceful, attractive look to any home. For wholesale purchase of slate stone products, check out Slate Stone. Article Source: - Enhancing Interior Design with Slate Stone Flooring

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