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Different Ways to Use Slate Slabs

Author: Rk Oberoi

Slate Slab Fountain
Slate Slab Fountain
07 October 2010- Slate slab is a thick piece of slate stone that can be used in number of ways. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and even as a slate fountain on the walls of your home. The different color and texture on the slate slab make it a further personal favorite of many probably you also.

You can use the slate slab as a countertop in your kitchen. Kitchen is a place where we work on fire, acids, oil and all other stuff like that. Because of this it is the most stain prone area. Slate stone is one such stone that is fire resistant, stain and moisture resistant so perfect to be used as countertop.

Another way of using the slate slab is to use it on floors. As there are many colors of this stone available so you can create very beautiful patterns. Along with this slate slab are anti resistant and moisture resistant so can be very safely used on the bathroom as well as patio floors. It is really very wonderful in look especially the red one.

You will be amazed to know that this natural stone is also used for making furniture. Modern coffee tables have the slat slab on it with natural beauty. Most of these coffee table has the wrought iron frame that makes it further contemporary in look and appeal.

After this there is yet another way of using the slate stone i.e. In the form of kitchen backsplash. Varied designs and patterns are made from these. The combination of slate backsplash and wooden furnishing is just amazing.

Slate slab fountains and especially the wall fountains are particularly popular. You can hang these waterfall fountain on the wall of your living room to create the beauty that is unmatchable. You can get slate fountain made from one two or three slabs. Here the pattern and color of the stone play an important role in the look of the fountain.

Also the pool table that you use for playing pool has this stone.

Also it is used to make the slate fireplaces.

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