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Garden Planters Slate stone industry in India has contributed significantly to the Indian stone industry. India is among a few countries in the world, holding a reputed position as a large resource for slate stones and its production has gone up since the country's independence.

Slate Stone Production in India

The Indian stone industry has been growing steadily at an annual rate of around 10% per year for the past few years. The dimensional slate stone production in the country in thousand tonnes is shown below: 18
2001-022002-032003-042004-05 2005-062006-072007-08

Slate Stone Exports from India

India is amongst the leading exporter countries of slate stones in the world, being a close competitor to China and Italy who are the leaders. The major importers of Indian slate stones are Italy, USA, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and China. The Dimensional Slate Stone Exports from India (Million Rupees) is shown below:
2004-05 2005-05 2006-07 2007-08 2008-092009-10
Slatestone 1931.25 2107.40 2350.41 2110.10 2072.05 2417.00

Slates Stone Products

India is one of the few countries in the world possessing a wide spectrum of slate stones. Slate mines are found in north and southern part of India. The Indian slate stone industry has evolved in recent years and has contributed effectively to the production and manufacturing of the following:

Quality of India Slate Stones

Indian slate stones conform to the highest international standards and provide excellent uniformity and consistency and have been used in several well-known buildings and structures all over the world. Slate stone in India differs from that of other countries in firmness, color, texture, and durability. Being derived from natural sources, the stone is admired for its aesthetic factor, including texture, color, and pattern. These are further given varied finishes according to their applications in outdoor structures like monuments, tombs, garden landscaping or indoor applications as in floor tiles, kitchen backsplash, roof tiles etc. Indian slate stone is characterized by sturdiness, perfect evenness, outstanding finishes.

Indian Slate Stone Mines

The quarrying of slate stone in India has been carried out since a long period of time. Its rich deposits have been meeting the requirement of the country as well as other countries. India is exporting slate stones to various countries. India is amongst the largest producer of slate stone. Both northern and southern states of India are popular for slate stone production. The Himalayan terrains, Kangra valley in the Punjab and certain areas in Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh have rich deposits of slate stone. There are also a large number of reputed slate manufacturers who with an indigenous resource of machinery & tool manufacturers have been producing slate stones in varied shapes and sizes and types to cater well to the demands of this sector.

Types of Slate Stones Available in India

North Indian Slates

Himachal White, Himachal Green, Himachal Black, Kund Peacock, Mau Multy, Hundrot, Jack Multy, Copper, Silver Grey, Zeera Green, Deoli Green, Golden, Oceanic, Silver Shine, Shimla White Mica, Jack Black, multicolored etc.

South Indian Slates

Sanjani, Indian Autumn, Vijay Gold, Green, Green, Taj Rose, Black Rustic, Indian Autumn Rustic, Chocolate, Multi Grey, Multi Pink etc.

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