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Varieties of Slate Stone

Slate Stone

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Varieties of Slate StoneA major building material, slate has a solid beauty, which is used for visual harmony with the stone buildings and the drystone walls. Slate stones are available with different levels of porosity, hardness and compressive strength. Most slates are suitable for exterior and interior applications.

Slate is extremely beautiful and more cost effective than most other wall and floor coverings. It renders a very graceful, natural finish to any building or home. All natural slate stones are fireproof and non-slippery.

It is used in architecture, making of sculptures, masonry, roofing etc. It is also used in flooring and wall cladding. The harder varieties of slate are used for flooring.
Varieties of colors
Slate stone is distinguished on the basis of colors and there is indeed a large variety of colored slate stones. The usual colors of slate are black, dark grey, greenish grey, copper and purplish grey. Sometimes color changes do occur due to weathering. Other colors are sunflame, lilac, jeera polished, copper pink, multi-colour golden quartzite, panther, green pink, multicolor dark slate, multicolor light slate, multi green, taj rose, autumn lilac etc.

It comes in variety of finishes, rough or can be provided with natural non-skid surface by rubbing it to plain or finished with clear varnish after fixing. .

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