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Colorful Indian Slate Stone and
Tiles for Flooring and Paving

20 August, 2010- Indian slate stone is more varied like Chinese slate tiles but the Indian slate stone differs from its European and American counterparts in color, texture and strength.Indian slate floor tiles are less expensive than other slate tiles and difficult to work upon and install. In addition to this these are extremely variable and occur in wide array of color and texture. Color and texture differ from piece to piece and creates a beautiful pattern wherever these are installed. Some also call this a kaleidoscope effect.
Indian Slate Flooring Tiles
Indian Slate Flooring Tiles
Slate stone is a fine grained rock that is formed by the process of sedimentation over a very long period of time. This natural stone is found beneath the surface of earth across the world that differ a lot in physical properties.

Indian slate paving and Indian slate flooring made from this decorative stone can be made in numerous pleasing colors, designs and patterns. Apart from this these are also used for wall cladding, walkways, countertops and backsplashes.

Indian Slate Color

Indian slate tiles are one of the most preferred slate tiles because of unique and wide color range. Slate from India is used both for commercial as well as residential purposes. Indian slate flooring and Indian slate paving is the most dominant of all.

Reddish green color of Copper Indian slate stone is excellent in look and gets a shinning surface once polished. It is mined from Deoli (Bundi) in Rajasthan.

Himachal White is another variety of slate that is hard and snowy white in color with dusky green veins. It is also called White Quartzite and mined from Ott (Mandi) in Himachal Pradesh.

Jack Black is mined from Jakarana (Alwar) in Rajastahan from plain to dark black in color. It is also called Jakarana Black, Black Jak.

Kun Multicolor Indian slate tiles are mined from Kund ( Rewari ) in Haryana and also known as Kund Light, Kund Dark, Peacock and Kund Multi. It has variety of beautiful shades of red, black, purple and green.

Deoli Green is mined from Deoli (Bundi) in Rajasthan and also called sparkle green, green quartzite. The surface of this Indian slate stone can be polished very well and can be used both for exterior as well as interior applications.

Common Indian slate Color

  • Autumn
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Jack Multi
  • Kund Multi
  • Lilac White
  • Mac Green
  • MC Peacock
  • MC Red
  • Multi
  • Multi Pink
  • Nag Green
  • Pure Pink
  • Raja Red
  • Regular Autumn
  • Rustic Black
  • Rustic Green
  • Sanjani
  • Simla White
  • Tere Red
  • Vijyaya Gold
  • Yellow

Indian Slate Flooring and Paving

Before installing make sure to dry the tiles completely as any moisture content in the tile will cause crystallization that is almost impossible to remove. For complete drying leave the slate tiles or slab for 24 to 48 hrs at room temperature. Also it is important to seal Indian slate tiles with sealer as ungauged slate tiles will break off. Thickness of Indian slate tile vary from 1/8" to 1/2". This thickness vary from tile to tile and also within one tile. Also for flooring the tiles are first gauged. In gauging the reverse of tile's surface is worked upon by machine to reduce the unevenness.

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