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Wall Cladding Slates

Check out here how slate stone can be used in wall cladding. Slate Stone Wall Cladding or Slates Wall Cladding has become very popular in modern home decor. Find out the Advantages of Slate Stone Wall Cladding. Also send online enquiry for wholesale purchase of Wall Cladding Slates and get the best response from Wall Cladding Slates Suppliers.
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Slate Wall CladdingSlate Stone Wall Cladding or Slates Wall Cladding has become very popular in modern home decor. Slate, characterized as unfading, non-absorptive, stain-resistant and unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles or other extreme environmental conditions, serves as the perfect medium for wall cladding applications. Manufacturers use slate stones for wall cladding in custom sizes and several finishes, to suit varied customer preferences. The appearance of a home or office can be dramatically changed by slate wall cladding. Often stone cladding walls have unmatched designs and the patterns which add natural beauty to walls and can be an instant focal point. It is a simple way to completely redesign a particular wall area or change the look of a house or office. Stone wall cladding is used both interiors and exteriors.

Types of Slate Wall Claddings: Slate Shingles, Sculpings & Veneer Slate

Custom-fabricated slate shingles offer a textured appearance and represent an economical form of stone wall cladding. Sculpings are irregular slate "bricks" used as a masonry stone. There are also cultured stone veneer slate wall cladding which is gaining in popularity. Veneer Slate wall cladding is looks absolutely stunning in outside walls. It is also aesthetically pleasing as an internal feature wall.
Slate Stone Wall Cladding

Advantages of Slate Stone Wall Cladding

There are many qualities of slate stone that make the stone a perfect material for wall cladding. The stone is hard, fine grained, has good compressive strength and low absorption and so can last for a long time as wall clads. They are available in different thicknesses, sizes, colors such as gray, brown, green etc. The stones may have a textured, natural finish, a honed finish or several other finishes which give the walls an enhanced look. Slate stone wall cladding gives a decorative covering on the exterior walls. Though usually non-structural in nature, these natiral slate stones used for wall cladding are also functional in addition to being decorative. They also protect the wall by forming a barrier against the wind, water or other protections.

Slate stone wall cladding is one of the most aesthetically pleasing material for cladding. Available in various varieties, each type of slate stone has its own pattern and finish and can also be applied to a building's interior, like as in bathroom walls, kitchens etc. Many stone wall cladding manufacturers offer a variety of styles. The range of cladding options has been tailored to suit the needs of the home owners as well as the designers.

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