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Slate Roof Tiles on Conical
Slate Roofs

26 August, 2010- The conical slate roofs are cone shaped and installing flat slate roof tiles on a curved surface is an astounding job. Many old building like Oberlin (Ohio) Gasholder has the beautiful slate roof tiles installed on the conical roof. Slate roofing tiles in round shape requires more detail, attention and your time while installing.
Slate Roof Tiles on Conical Slate Roofs
Slate Roof Tiles on Conical Slate Roofs

Tips to Install Slate Roof Tiles on Conical Slate Roofs

According to the experts in this field it is the bottom course of the slate tiles that should be leveled so that each and every course above it is automatically levelled. And if there is any problem of levelling here then the whole next course will be laid down in an abrupt manner. So to get even result keep measuring it from time to time.

The fascia board below the starter slates should be build in such a manner that it gives natural lift to the starter slates. Proper angle will help to lay them properly in the beginning itself. Instead of fascia board cant strips are also used and for conical slate roofs keep the length of cant strips short. To attach these pieces drilling is required. This will avoid splitting or wood.

For more even slate roof tiles installation place the nail at the top center of turret. You can then anchor a string from that nail till the bottom of the slate conical roof. Use chalk and string to make draw the lines so that you can install slate roofing tiles in the most accurate manner. Once the bottom of the roof is laid down. Hold the string in a manner to know at what angle the next slate tile will be cut. Nail the slate roof tiles properly. For better result try to nail it at three points one at the top and two at the sides of the bottom.
Conical Slate Roofing Tiles
Conical Slate Roofing Tiles
Although side lap is not important but if you want to use this try to give the half side lapping. More than this try to focus on placing the slate roof tiles as even as possible around the round conical roof.

Every slate tile must be trimmed properly at an angle towards the small turret. This will help you to get your job done in a right manner. You can buy the slate roof shingles from the renowned slate producers.

Slate roof tiles can practically last for centuries as this is a very durable natural stone and practically available in wide array of colors, texture, style and thickness. The beautiful slate tiles keep mystifying the people because of their marvelous look and the way these are installed. It is the durability of slate roof tiles and the professional way of installing it that keep it going forever and ever.

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