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Slate Strip Tiles
Slate Strip Tiles
A slate strip is a long narrow piece, usually of uniform width. Due to its excellent performance and rustic appearance, Slate stone strip has emerged as a widely used stone in the construction industry, worldwide. Hence, strips made of slate stone have become important components of any construction project that uses slate stone. Fabricated out of slate stone, Slate strips are made by cutting slate into pieces of different lengths and widths to suit specific purposes.

For sophisticated look use the similar size of slate stripes. Calibrated slate stripes have same dimensions. Calibration is done with machines so there is a very less chance of getting dissimilarity in size and shape. Such slate strips are easy to install and has more finish with lesser waste.
Most of the slate strips are porous and have a flaky and chalky appearance. Because of this it is important to seal the slate stone strips with sealer. You can either use glossy or matte sealer. Also the slate strip distributors hone these for smooth surface otherwise you can keep the natural clefs for more artistic appearance.

Slate Strip Variety

Different colors of slate such as brown, green, gray etc are used to make Slate stone strips. These can be custom designed and made in different dimensions for varied applications. You can also get large to small slate strip tiles. Slate stones strips hardness and softness depend upon from where the slate stone has been extracted. Chine, India, Europe and America are the chief locations for slate stone strips and tiles.

Slate Strip Usage

The highly durable slate stone strips find application for wall cladding, roofing and flooring purposes. But most commonly these are used slate strip cladding and that too in black color. These strips are used to make different designs on the walls and a combination of different colored slate stones can be used to create varied patterns. The slate stripe tiles can be used on floor, walls and below kitchen units.
Black Slate Strips Cladding
Black Slate Strips Cladding

Slate Strip Cladding

Slate strip cladding is done on the outer wall for its protection from moisture and external elements. Most of the wall claddings are done with slate strips are these look exceptionally good but if you want you can also do the cladding with slate tiles. Slate strip manufacturer and slate strip distributors supply these strips is almost all colors. But the most amazing ones are black strip wall claddings. You can mix other colors slate strips. Also you can get these in custom designed form in which you can have different sizes and thickness of slate stone strips. Indian slate strips are available in wide variety of colors ranging from black, pink, green to chocolate. Slate stripping tiles are perfect for wall decor as well.

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