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Is Slate Stone Good for a
Bathroom Remodel?

Slate Stone in Bathroom Remodeling Use of slate stone for bathroom remodelling can be an innovative idea as this natural stone is so unique that no other stone can match its natural pattern and waves. Slate stone is also available in wide range of earthy colors that are unmatchable.

Reasons to pick slate stone for bathroom remodelling:

  1. Slate stone has a natural aesthetic appeal that makes it the choice of many. It is not only the interior of your home but also the exterior where the stale stone can be used conveniently. There is a wide variety in color, pattern, design and slate stone textures. It does not give monotonous look as every tile will have different pattern yet similar to each other in color and shades. Because of this every bathroom or area where slate stone is being used will be different. There are many types of slate stones like Autumn Rustic, Copper Polished, Indian Autumn, Silver Grey Natural etc. So you can pick the best for you.
  2. The surface of the slate stone is wavy this makes its rough. So there wont be any slipperiness when the stone is wet. Because of this anti slip quality, the slate stone is becoming a preferred choice to be used in showers and on bathroom floors.
  3. Slate Stone is very durable and this makes it a perfect choice for bathroom remodelling. No acid or fire can cause any damage to slate stone. Because of this it is the choice of homeowners. If you are using it in high traffic bathroom then traffic pattern might develop on the floor. This is because of the sealant used. You can scrap the sealant to remove this. But it is better to contact your distributor before that.
  4. Way of sealing slate stone is very important as if not sealed properly the stone can fade very easily. This is because of the porous nature of slate stone. Slate distributors know different kinds of sealant and their use. Also with the type of sealant used the reapplication application will also change.
  5. The cost of installing slate stone in bathroom is also very less as compare to other stones. It costs about $5.00 per square foot of the tile by the professional.
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