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Remodeling your Kitchen
with Slate Stone

Slate Stone Kitchen Countertop remodeling your kitchen is probably one of the most common revamping project that we do at our homes. People spend too much on the kitchen remodeling as you have to pick the refrigerator, stove, oven, do the flooring, backsplash, countertops and many more. All must be in sync with each other for the desired result. So while remodeling kitchen explore every thing from color, price to material and electronic to reach at the conclusion.

Although you have so much of choice yet remodeling your kitchen with slate stone will bring in the bright colors and unique textures that cannot be seen with any other type of remodeling material. Earlier it was just the flooring of the kitchen that is done with slate stone. But now counter tops are also made up of slate stone as this natural stone is very sturdy and durable. Even the slate stone tiles are used on the walls of the kitchen while remodeling.

Slate stone is made by metamorphism of clay on ancient sea beds. Basically it is the compacted mud that is available in red, turquoise blues, gray and deep solid black. You can either polish or get the matte texture on this natural slate stone.

remodeling BackSplash of Your Kitchen with Slate Stone

Slate Stone Kitchen Blacksplash While remodeling your kitchen with slate stone you can also consider to place it in Backsplash where it looks so elegant if correctly used. The kitchen backsplash is the area of the kitchen wall between countertop and kitchen wall cabinets. It is area behind basin, cooking range and the rest of the wall so it must be done with the material that is stain as well as water resistant. Placing stale stone there is a perfect choice as this natural stone is water and stain resistance. Slate stones come in earthy colors, making it a first choice to bring bring different elements together. You can get black, grey, red, greenish blue colors in this. Either the entire stone is of same color or you can get the stripes, dots and waves of one color over the other.

Slate Stone Kitchen Flooring

Slate Stone Flooring in Kitchen Slate stone probably is one of the first choices for the flooring in the kitchen as these are non slippery and totally stain resistance. The unique patterns of veins, dots and waves look so good and unique. No two kitchens using slate stone can look similar as the pattern is so varied and unique. So consider the slate stone flooring for your kitchen while remodeling.

Types of Slate Stones

There are many types and varieties of this natural stone that can be used in remodeling a kitchen. These are:
  1. Autumn Rustic
  2. Copper Natural
  3. Copper Polished
  4. Chocolate
  5. Deoli Green Natural
  6. Deoli Green Polished
  7. Golden Natural
  8. Indian Autumn
  9. M Green Rustic
  10. Multi Color
  11. N Green
  12. Ocean Green Natural
  13. Ocean Green Polished
  14. Peacock
  15. Silver Grey Polished
  16. Silver Shine Natural

Cost of Slate Stones Countertops in Kitchen

This natural stone can cost you some where between $50 to $100 per square foot. Without installation charges it is somewhere between $2-$3 per square feet. But the cost of the slate stone depends upon the quality and color you are picking. Like black slate stone is expensive than the red slate stone. Cost also depends upon other factors like:

Why to Pick Slate Stone in remodeling the Kitchen?

Installing Slate Stone in Kitchen

For installing the slate stone in your kitchen it is better to call the professionals as they can only use right technique of installing it. Slate stone like any other natural stone needs care in handling as too high pressure can chip it or it can have cracks on the surface.

To install stale stone you need to prepare the surface first and keep the distance between the two tiles similar and straight. Only professional hands can do this correctly. Also they will know the type of adhesives and sealants to be used for more finished look in the kitchen. Also cutting of tiles needs professional person.

How to Buy Slate Stones for Kitchen?

Video on How to Install Slate Stone in the Backsplash of Your Kitchen

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