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Top 4 Beauty Secrets Of Slate Tiles
And Floor Tiles

By: Sandy Yeates

Slate Floor Tile
Slate Floor Tile

08 October 2010- Slate is one of the traditional quality building materials in civilization. It was prized for its reliability by ancient builders. It remains one of the world's most loved architectural features to this day. The beauty of slate is a study of elegance. Slate tiles are also the cheapest of all natural stone flooring materials.

Beauty in concept- Slate as a flexible medium

Slate is a very versatile building material. It's very popular on stairs because of its wear characteristics, and as a roofing material for its durability and long life. Those characteristics have also allowed designers to develop a wide range of motifs and interior designs with this stone.

Slate can also be worked in multiple tile designs and forms, even beautiful mosaics. Designers love working with slate, because of its strength and adaptability to any design concept. This stone can be precision tailored in any setting, anywhere in any home.

Beauty and light- Slate as a color scheme

The range of slate colors, from sky blue to brilliant yellow and dazzling earthy umbers, make slate a real feature stone for the most modern and traditional design concepts. The sheer range of slate tile styles is a very good indicator of its high values in a design capacity.

To say these styles can do anything could be an understatement. Top quality slate tiles include absolutely stunning natural color ranges which are more like works of art than flooring. If you didn't know how much fun shopping for stone can be, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Beauty as an environment- Slate roof tiles and floor tiles

As roofing or floor tiles, slate really makes an impression when you see it in place. Slate roofs have geometrical elegance, precision and class, combined with real strength and virtues as building materials. This is the ultimate low maintenance building stone. It's tough, it's dependable, it's cheap, and it's beautiful.

Beauty in design- Slate for comprehensive home design

If your designer or architect is talking about slate, you've got a real professional who's on your side in the design area who knows their materials well. Slate can be adapted to any purpose in design, and because of its versatility in color, you can work with any number of design concepts for your home. You can have a different slate design in every room, if you like.

Slate is a very high status designer building material, but it's perfect for the family home. This is a very tolerant type of stone that can take a beating and look no worse for it. If you've got young kids or energetic older kids, slate will soak up the punishment easily. If you've ever tried to deal with flooring problems in a high usage are, you'll know exactly what that means.

The beauty of slate is also very much in its practical applications, as well as the elegant appearance. There's nothing it can't do, and it does everything well.

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