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Pros and Cons of Slate Floor

Slate Floor
Slate Floor
28 October 2010- Slate floor is one of the most popular choices today for making flooring. Slate is a metamorphic rock that is cut into required shape and size for flooring and other applications. Slate floor provide beauty to the home for many years. You can also match any type of decor with the varied colors of slate stones. The overall cost of the slate floor depends upon number of factors like size, finish and thickness of tile. Also the location of the slate makes difference in overall cost. Professionals mostly take $5 to $10 per square foot.

Pros of Slate Floor

Slate stone is perfect for high traffic area as it does not get slippery so easily. For this reason it is also used for the exterior of the home. Slate stone also does not get stains so easily and needs very little maintenance. Owing to this it is being used in many housing projects. Also slate floor can be made in different colors as the slate tiles are available in all sorts of color, shape and sizes. For more appeal, in slate floor design along with slate other natural stone can also be added. Very easily smooth finish can be give for a modern or contemporary slate floor.

Slate is perfect for a place where water that has continuous supply of water. Like you can use it as bathroom floor, bathroom as well as kitchen backsplash, driveways, walkways, spa, waterfalls, pool floors etc. Slate floor is perfect for such areas as these require material that resists water> although there are other flooring material like vinyl, ceramic tiles, linoleum etc that resist water but if compared to slate floor these are less durable. Vinyl starts to loose its charm and appeal after few years whereas there are very limited designs in linoleum flooring. Parquet and hardware floor in kitchen needs regular cleaning that again is tiring for some. Moreover swelling has been noticed in the hardwood floor that is always in contact with water and layed in moist climate.

Also slate floor is resistant to fire and acid other very unique feature that is missing in most of the natural as well as artificial stones. Owing to all these very less maintenance is required for the slate floor. So if in your home you have kids and every now and then expect guests then go with the slate floor.

Cons of Slate Floor

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