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How to Seal Slate Tile
and Slate Strip

Modular Slate Floor After Sealing
Modular Slate Floor After Sealing
February 26, 2010- To seal slate tile or not to seal is the question that bothers everyone who is installing slate tiles for the first time. Actually the sealing depends upon the type of slate tile and kind of finish that you want. If you want to have shinning surface on the slate tile then you can seal the slate tile otherwise you can leave the slate tile or strip as it is for a natural look.

Also slate stone is a natural stone that is porous is nature so take up stain very easily. The location from where these come also make the difference in physical and chemical properties. Slate tiles from India, China have inconstant absorption rate whereas slate tiles from Brazil and Vermont have low absorption rate. If absorption rate is low then the requirement of sealant is less otherwise you need slate sealant to reduce the chances of stain and spills.
Also Indian and Chinese slate stone vary in hardness where as slate tiles from other places are bit constant on this. So you will find both hard as well as soft slate tiles from India and China. As per the general rule more the softness more is the requirement to seal slate tiles and slate strips. Vermont slate stone is dense and hard whereas Brazilian is less dense than the Vermont ones. This means that these do not require much sealing.

Slate Sealer and their Kinds

How to Seal Slate Tile and Slate Strip

Garden Slate Floor
Garden Slate Floor

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