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Installing Slate

Slate Stone

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Installing Slate TileIf instructions given by the supplier are followed, installation of slate floor tile can easily be a do-it-yourself project. A hand masonry saw with a coarse teethed blade must be used to slate floor tile. One needs to simply draw a line on the tile and cut as desired. If a very complicated design is chosen and many different size tiles are used, one can consider a professional installation.

One must ensure that the area to be tiled is structurally sound and dry. If the surface is not sound then there is a strong possibility of problems either immediately with the installation or down the line once the floor is used. If plywood has been used as a sub floor then sheets of plywood should be laid to give the area the rigidity it needs for the slate floor tile.
Once the slate floor is laid in place, no sealant is required. However, if required, one can choose a matte or shiny finish available at any stone dealer. One must not try and put a sealer over a floor that has been oiled or waxed unless it has already completely cured and the sealer dried. If the floor is walked upon before this time, marks will occur that shall be not just difficult but also costly to remove.

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