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Slate Landscaping

Slate Stone

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Slate landscaping is a durable and sturdy choice with slate stone emerging as a popular medium for landscaping and other such ideas. Owing to its rugged texture and soft to touch appeal, slate is much more than just building material. Realizing its potential in the field of stone wall landscaping, the manufacturers of slate stone are introducing varied types and colors of the stone to be used for slate landscaping.
Slate landscaping
Slate Landscaping
Slate stone can add touch of elegance to any kind of landscaping design. Moreover every slate stone is different in texture and pattern from the others. So whatsoever slate landscaping and slate wall landscaping designs you will make it will be different from all other landscaping designs. For Indian slate landscaping, Indian slate stone is used that comes in varied colors and different textures.

Slate -A Long Lasting Material

Being very durable and long lasting, an investment in slate stone is worthwhile. Slate offers results that are simply incomparable. As workable as wood and as indestructible as stone, slate can be sawed, cut, polished and etched. Few materials share its resistance to weather, pollutants and the freeze-thaw cycles

Slate Stone Usage

Whether gray, black, blue, green or red, slate possesses the rare ability to enhance just about any type of building or landscape simply by its presence Slate offers an extremely wide array of uses. Though traditionally reserved for roofing, slate tiles are increasingly popular for paving patios and paths, covering walls or building stairs and low walls.
Slate Landscaping-  Slate Patio
Slate Landscaping- Slate Patio

Slate Landscaping with Slate Borders

You can use the slate stone or slate tiles to make the borders of the flower beds. Even slate stone can be used around the trees, plants and shrubs. Each will get individual look. If you want to build a small wall like border then stack the small slate tiles one above the others. Keep the wall of slate landscaping at least six inches for the nicer affect.

Slate Wall Landscaping

Slate Wall Landscaping
Slate Wall Landscaping
Slate wall landscaping is actually creating the slate walls around beds. The slate wall landscaping can then also be used for sitting purposes without loosing the charm. Depending upon where you have made the slate wall landscaping and what is the height, the slate stone can also be used for sitting purposes.

Slate Benches

Slate benches can be excellent for the slate landscaping. These can be incorporated into any type of landscaping design. Also you can place these anywhere. The slate benches are hard and sturdy and will be affected only slightly with Sunlight and weather.

Slate Waterfall

Slate waterfall is another dramatic and appealing option for the slate landscaping. The slate waterfall comes in various shapes and an excellent way to dramatise the slate stone landscaping. There are very large to small slate waterfall you can pick. To make these different sizes of slate slabs are used. These are very durable and weather proof. The natural slate stone waterfall will give the rustic look to the natural stone landscaping. But if you like the contemporary look then you might go with the polished slate tiles or stone for this. Not only in gardens but slate waterfall can also be used inside the home and looks dandifying.

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Slate Chips

Laying decorative slate chips is also one of the greatest ideas for slate landscaping. Slate stone landscaping with chips is a unique idea in which you can lay the chips in the front or on borders.

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Slate Landscaping with Chips
Slate Landscaping with Chips

Care for slate Landscaping

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