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Slate Patios

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Natural Slate Stone Tile Patios Natural Slate stone is a highly fashionable and durable stone giving a truly contemporary feel to your patio or outdoor garden.

About Slate Stone Patios

A patio is an outdoor space for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is often paved. An outdoor patio can be called an extension of the living space, particularly in warm weather when home dwellers love to spend time in patios to get relief from hot summers. In cool weather, they can use this outdoor space or patio for barbecue or to get the feel of campfire. However, with all sorts of such outdoor activities, a patio is liable to have spills from food, water from the pool and a lots of traffic. Therefore, a slip resistant surface is important. Natural slate stone patio, that has a rough surface, is a perfect choice for making patios. Slate tiles act as an excellent outdoor tile to be used for slate stone patios. Why slate patio tiles are a good option can be understood by knowing the advantages of slate patios

Advantages of Slate Outdoor Tile for Patios

There are many advantages of slate patio tiles.

Slate patio tile

Creating a Slate Patio

Creating slate patios are not very difficult. Slate slabs or slate tiles are used and they are available in the home improvement store. Slates usually come in rectangular or square shapes that are one to three feet in length and one to two feet width. The larger slates are comparatively expensive than the smaller ones as it is much harder to cut larger slates. Slate patios fit in any garden settings whether formal or informal. You could do the laying of the slate patio tile yourself. Fix up the area where you want to have your slate patio. Get the slate patio tiles of appropriate sizes , the grout and a little stone dust. As a first step, level the surface area of your patio properly. Once the leveling is done, start laying the slate patio tiles or slabs. When the entire area of the slate stone patio is paved, fill the gaps with stone dust. After compressing the stone dust with a barrel roller, put the grout. Once dried, apply a slate sealer and finish. Your natural slate stone patio is ready. There are various design options for slate patios which you can do on your own or take the help of a professional.
Slate patio outdoor tile

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