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Slate FurnituresSlate stone, the widely used building material is as workable as wood and as indestructible as stone. It can be easily sawed, cut, polished and etched. Being resistant to weather, slate is used to manufacture a large variety of furniture. Slate furniture is widely used as garden or outdoor furniture or patio furniture, though they can also be used indoors.

Texture & colors

The manufacturers and craftsmen of slate stone furniture regularly introduce newer designs, in keeping with the latest trends in the market. Buyers can also get the designs custom made to suit their specific requirements. The slate furniture is available in varied colors such black, green, grey and rusty yellow.

Different Kinds of Slate Furniture

The most common types of slate patio furniture are slate stone tables, slate stone benches and slate chairs. However, slate tables, specially the slate coffee tables are the most widely used ones. The beauty of the slate table is on the table top as in most cases you will find the base of the tables are made of wood or metal. Table tops, chairs, benches, lamp bases, fountains, fireplaces etc. are made from different kinds of slate stone, which are available in a varied colors and textures.

Slate stone furniture gives a timeless, realistic feeling and at the same time proximity to nature. Stone furniture gives the classic look and a distinctive look to your garden or patio. Slate stone is nowadays widely used in the making of garden furniture or outdoor furniture because slate stone is durable, heat resistant, crack, scratch, stain and chip resistant. It retains 100% of its' value over time. Stone surfaces will keep their beauty for years to come.

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