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Slate TablesSlate stone has been in use from a very long time to produce a wide range of stone crafts. This exquisite natural stone has been used to create innumerable pieces of furniture that can be used indoors as well in gardens. Manufacturers and stone artisans, make tables in a huge range of styles and finishes, utilizing the natural features of slate stone. They may be supplemented by appropriate smoothing and polishing. Finished products can be made in any size and to individual designs, to suit varied usage.

Types of Slate Tables

Style, Designs and Colors of Slate Tables

Slate tables are beautiful decorative accents in any room. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages. Slate tables can give an wonderful enhancement to the look of your patio of garden. In the same manner, the beautifully crafted natural slate stone table in the corner of your living room can easily enhance the look of the room. Slate stone tables are available in a vast variety of beautiful colors like gray, blue, brown and green. They are vavilable in various variations as follows:

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