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Laying Slate Chippings for
Maintenance Free Garden

Garden Landscaping with Slate Chippings
Garden Landscaping with Slate Chippings
5 May 2010- Decorative slate chips have become a very good means to get a maintenance free garden as well as garden landscaping for ultimate beauty. If you have earlier thought of laying slate chippings in garden for decorating, go ahead and do so. If you have not yet thought about laying slate chippings in garden, just browse through the net to see some gardens having slate chips in the front or in pathways, borders etc. and you'll just love the idea of using slate chippings in your garden! How to lay slate chippings in garden- we'll tell you. And if you are thinking how slate chips can give maintenance free garden, let me tell you that you will not have to worry about weeds in your garden anymore once you lay slate chips there!

How to Lay Slate Chippings in Garden?

Slate chips are available in a wide variety of colors (plum, blue, green among others) and sizes (5-30mm, 30-50mm, 50-75mm and so on). For basic information about slate chippings, read Slate Chips. Buy slate chips that appeal you most or that will go well with your outdoor decor and follow the step-by-step instructions here to lay them in your garden.

And here is your maintenance free garden having slate chippings, ready to be enjoyed!

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