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Garden Paving with Slate Slabs

Garden Paving with Slate Slabs
Garden Paving with Slate Slabs
03 May, 2010- Paving, roofing or walling- earlier centuries have witnessed slate as a common building stone for all of them. Most of the slate types are easy to cleave and work and that's why, slate in different forms- slate slabs, tiles and even slate waste had been used for garden paving along with decorating interiors of homes.

Slate Garden Paving Slabs

Garden paving slabs are portions of slate that come in various sizes. These slate slabs when used for garden paving, can create such spaces in your garden that can serve as functional areas, borders, walkways, edging, paver steps or even a mowing strip. Paving slate slabs in gardens is definitely a smart and economical choice due to the price, variety, and ease of installing slate slabs as well as their easy maintenance. Any slate that is equal to or more than 30mm thick is considered to be a slate slab. Some slate pavings that are relatively thin (less than 30mm thick) is considered to be a 'tile' rather than a slab by any paving expert. However, they can also be used for garden paving by laying them on a full mortar bed to give the slate full support. The set mortar becomes the load-bearing layer for the slate paving.

Slate as Garden Paving Slabs- Modern Interest

Earlier people had used riven paving flags for pavements. Paving slabs were even used to make kerbs and garden edgings. Many paving designs were made by combining different colored slate slabs and various patterns- sawn, riven and random paving- all was done. Modern times have seen, more or less similar craze for slate slabs for garden paving. The difference is that now paving slabs are available in more varied styles, sizes, textures and colors. While randomly-sized riven paving is still popular for country style patio and garden paving, regular sized slabs are preferred for more modern styling. By mixing colors, checkerboards etc. various paving designs are created for patios and garden landscaping.

Garden Paving Designs

Slate slabs can be used in a variety of ways to create interesting garden paving designs.
While choosing slate slabs for garden paving, just ensure that the type of slate that you select is suitable for external use and will not get damaged by frost or such other adverse weather conditions. One more thing to consider while you buy paving slabs for your garden is that highly decorative material (such as slate slabs with metallic lustre) might need regular cleaning, or even sealing with a suitable sealant from time to time. As such, decorative slate slabs are not very suitable paving slabs for outdoor areas like patio and garden pavings.

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