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Advantages Of Slate Tiles Bathroom

Slate Tiles Bathroom
Slate Tiles Bathroom
22 July 2010- Slate tiles are becoming hot favorite of home decorators and homeowners. They are using stale tiles in bathroom, for flooring,roofing, paving and in many more applications and crafts. Have you ever thought of the things what make the slate tiles perfect for bathroom. In addition to look and appeal there are special properties of the slate tiles like anti slippery, durability, anti stain properties that make it a great choice.

Slate tiles is a great addition to your bathroom in the form of flooring or bathroom wall tiles. Slate tiles are of varied colors ranging from red, pink to gray and black. You can find the regular as well as irregular shaped slate tiles for bathroom and for other purposes. Slate tiles vary in thickness but most of these are quarter of an inch in thickness.

Types of Slate Tiles for Bathroom

Clefted Tiles

These slates tiles for bathroom are absolutely natural without sanding or polishing.

Honed Slates Tiles

These tiles have smooth surface because these are being grounded down.

Polished Slate Tiles

Polished tiles are actually the honed tiles with polish.

Brushed Tiles

Here the ridges and sharp points are softened slightly.

Here we are discussing advantages of slate tiles bathroom. Just go through these before installing and learn what you are going to install is perfect for the bathroom.

Advantages Of Slate Tiles Bathroom

Slip Resistance

This is the first thing that is required in bathroom tiles for flooring. How so ever wet are the slate tiles for bathroom they will remain anti slippery or perfectly slip resistance thus taking care of you. Although slate stone does not absorb water and moisture but to make it completely slip resistance you will have to seal it properly with the sealant. This will increase the water resisting quality and helping you to have a nice slip resistance bathroom.

Durable Slate Tiles

This is the second thing that urges the home decorator to use the slate tiles in the bathroom. Once you have installed you do not have to redo or remodel your bathroom for years to come as the slate stone is very durable. It will maintain its fresh look and will not break. Moreover if you will change the interiors of your home without changing the bathroom then also it will go with any kind of interiors. So not to worry in that condition as well.

Great in Aesthetic Point of View

How you gonna rate the slate stone and slate tiles for bathroom. For me it is ten on ten. The distinctive designs, layered pattern and natural look is all that make it great from aesthetic point of view. Above this each slate tile for bathroom is different from the other. So even if your friend has used the same style of making slate tiles bathroom then also his or her will be different from yours. This unique quality is also liked by most of the home decorators.

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