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Why Install Natural Slate Roofing

Natural Slate Roofing
Natural Slate Roofing
31 March, 2010- Natural slate roofing, in spite being a little costly, offers many advantages over other roofing materials and can last for about even 100 years with a little maintenance. Read on to know why to install slate roofing?

Anyone going for home remodeling or installing roof for the first time in a new house, would like to have a roof that is not very expensive, needs no or minimum maintenance, and is long lasting. However, most of the roofs have to be repaired or replaced every 10-12 years. With a careful selection of roofing materials, one can considerably reduce the cost of roof replacement. Whenever choosing roofing materials, one should not only consider the cost but also the qualities of the roofing materials that may, in the long run, diminish the need of replacing roofs frequently. Apart from roofing cost, they must also ensure proper roofing installation and must be careful about a little maintenance occasionally so that the roof is there for years to come. Natural slate roofing is one of such roofing options that fits well in almost all criteria for a durable long lasting roofing.

Natural Slate Roofing Benefits

Slate roofing can be seen on any upscale home. Although a little expensive choice among various roofing materials, slate roofing lends a very natural look and can be laid out in a variety of patterns. Lets have a look on natural slate roofing benefits.

  • Slate roofing is the most durable roofing. A good slate roof can last for over 130 years with a proper roofing installation and a little maintenance occasionally.
  • Slate roofing provides a good fire protection as slate is non-combustible and is also a good option against storm and wind.
  • Slate roofing does not stains, is non-slip, non-porous, and easy to clean. Also no sealer is required for slate roofing installation.
  • Slate roofing can be selected from a wide variety of sizes and colors though colors are limited to those found in nature, the earth tones. However, these slate roofs in natural color lend an inexplainable elegance to any home's appearance due to their texture apart from the attractive colors.

Natural Slate Roofing Considerations

Every roofing material has its pros and cons. Slate roofing too has some considerations that should be kept in mind before going for a slate roof. Slate can be very heavy and sometimes require costly extra support. Slate is also prone to breaking and thus walking on a slate roof is difficult for a non-professional, which makes such tasks as rooftop maintenance, gutter cleaning, painting etc. a pretty complicated. However, due to its extreme durability and its quality of adding style and elegance to a home's appearance, a slate roof proves to be a wise and cost effective choice in the long run (as you don't have to replace your roofing every ten years). It should just be taken care of that installation of slate roof is done in a proper manner and when occasional maintenance is done, care should be taken by the professionals and the house owner about not damaging the natural slate roofing.

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