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Slate Kitchen Countertops

Slate Kitchen Countertop
Slate Kitchen Countertop
29 March, 2010- Know the many reasons for which slate kitchen countertops are preferred for classy kitchen designs by many!

Slate has been a preferred choice for flooring and roofing since ages. Till date, slate has not lost its place of honor when it comes to kitchen designs. Slate countertops give a classy texture to the kitchen design- whether it is a modern or a rustic kitchen. Slate counters are popular for their softer, matte looks. They offer less shiny appearance than granite but they can be honed to give a more shiny appearance too. Slate countertops are best for natural kitchen designs. Why? Here are some advantages of a slate countertop that makes them the preferred choice of home decorators.

Slate Countertops are Strong and Durable-

In spite of its soft looks, a slate countertop can be as much strong and durabile as a granite or marble countertop is. However, it needs less maintenance as compared to the other two.

Slate Countertops are Stain Resistant-

slate has a very low absorption rate and thus the slate kitchen countertops are more stain resistant. This also means that these countertops are less likely to be a breeding ground for bacteria and other such risky things. What's more useful is the fact that the stain resistant nature of slate countertops exclude the need for complicated, synthetic sealers.

Slate Countertops have Easy Maintenance-

A slate kitchen countertop can be easily cleaned and thus requires a very low maintenance. Wiping off the countertop with a damp cloth is all one requires to clean the slate counter. Oiling and sealing is only required when the slate countertops have to be made shiny. Scratches on the surface of slate countertops can be easily removed with a buffing process.

Slate Countertops are Available in a Wide Variety-

Slate is generally available in earthy tones like greys, reds, and greens but other shades like red, green, blue, and purple are not very uncommon. The types of slate used for kitchen countertops vary from green slate and Brazilian slate to black slate. However, black slate having little to no color variation in its surface is the rarest kind and can therefore be the most expensive slate.

No doubt, slate kitchen countertops are beautiful and have so many advantages but due to its soft, clefted nature, slate should be given eased out rounded edge and radius corners. Harder corners or more decorative edges can lead to breaking and chipping of the slate. Also, to prevent scratches, a cutting board should always be used on a slate kitchen countertop. Dragging of objects should be avoided to keep the slate kitchen countertops as beautiful as they are when installed.

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