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Slate Fireplace Installation Guide

Check out how to install tiles in a fireplace. A simple step by step guide on tiling fireplace, installing slate tiles on fireplace and also tips to select slate tiles for fireplace installation...
Slate Tile Fireplace
Slate Tile Fireplace
A slate tile fireplace is something that can instantly bring a rustic or a sophisticated look- whatever you want it to look like- just by choosing the right type of slate tiles. Tiling fireplace with slate tiles is a little tougher than installing slate tiles anywhere else but it is not at all impossible plus the beauty of your slate tile fireplace will prove to be worth of all that hardwork! So, here is a step by step guide for slate tile fireplace installation. Just go for it- you'll definitely love this slate tiling fireplace of yours!

Check out Slate Tile Fireplace

Material Required for Slate Tile Fireplace Installation

These are the things that you'll need for installing slate tiles to your fireplace

Step by Step Instructions for Tiling Slate Fireplace

With all your essential materials, tools and tiles required for fireplace installation, you are ready to go ahead with your fireplace design. Just follow these step-by-step directions to get a perfect slate fireplace.

Slate Tile Fireplace Before
Before Installing Slate Tile Fireplace

Slate Tile Fireplace After
After Installing Slate Tile Fireplace
Your slate fireplace tile installation project is now complete. However, if you want to seal slate tiles of your fireplace, wait for at least a month to let it cure. Also, use a water-based sealant which is oil and stain resistant. If you wish, you may go for sealing only the grout and be ready to see it complementing your overall home decor!

Tips to Select Slate Tiles for Fireplace Installation

Before you install slate fireplace, you will need to buy slate tiles for the same. For doing this, you must consider certain facts so that you may not end up with a mess and an incomplete fireplace project.

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