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Practical Slate Tile Ideas

Slate Tile Flooring
Slate Tile Flooring
16 April 2010- Slate tile can be more beautiful and useful than you thought it to be! They can be used anywhere for your home construction as well as for home remodeling. Slate wall in a bathroom or kitchen will look as great as they will look in your patio design or slate flooring. Here are some great slate tile ideas for you to consider for your next home project.

Slate Tile Flooring

A slate flooring will look nice in a kitchen or for a bathroom floor. Apart from beautiful, they are durable too. Why only kitchen and bathroom flooring, people these days are using slate tiles for dining area and living room too. You can use one from many types of slate tiles. Contemporary as well as traditional look can be brought with black slate on floor. Brazilian slate tile is also a good option for slate tile flooring.

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Slate Tile Countertops

Whether you want to give a modern look or a rustic look to your kitchen, slate kitchen countertops will definitely give a classy texture to your kitchen design. Not only kitchen, the slate tiles are also a good option for bathroom countertops. They are strong, durable, stain resistant, and require easy maintenance. What more, there is a wide variety of slate tiles available for countertops. Wherever you decide to have slate tile countertops, they will look really beautiful.
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Slate Tile Patio

Slate Tile Patio
Slate Tile Patio
Nothing can give style and charm to your patio more accurately than slate tile. Slate tiles, in fact, create an inviting outdoor space. Before installing slate tiles in your patio, consider some facts like the location of patio- whether it is at the back or side of your house; patio size and the area laws about it; functionality of the patio etc.
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Slate Tile Roofing

Natural slate tiles are also perfect for roofing. In fact, slate roofing are preferred for their many qualities of which durability and weather resistance are the major ones. The only thing is that slate roofing is a little costly than other roofing options. However, as these slate roofs stay for more years than others roofs, in long term they prove to be more cost effective.
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Slate Tile Wall

Aesthetic value of a slate wall can not be denied in any situation. There is a great variety of slate tiles for bathroom wall and kitchen wall. You can bring rustic effect with the rocky surface and uneven slate pieces or you can use slate tiles with exact finish to bring in the polished look. Higher durability and slip resistant characteristics of slate tile makes it a perfect bathroom tile as well as kitchen wall tile.
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