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Honed Slate Tiles and Slate Slab
To Create a Charming Slate Kitchen

Honed Slate Countertops
Honed Slate Countertops
February 16, 2010- Honed slate tiles and slate slab along with other category of slate tiles like brushed, flammed and polished create a charming slate kitchen to tell the story of uniqueness and individuality. Various colors, size, shape and texture of honed slate tiles can be used to create the difference. Also due to dark and sophisticated look honed slate tiles and slate slab are treated as the perfect choice for the kitchen floor, backsplash and countertops.

Although slate slabs are hard but these are flaky so a slate slab can split in half. In spite of this slate slates and tiles are very durable and so used in kitchen.

What is Honed Slate Tile?

Slate is a natural stone that has uneven surface because of clefs. But there are certain applications like slate countertops, cladding and outdoor flooring where smooth surface of slate tiles are required and for this the surface of the slate tile is grounded for a smooth finish. This process is called honing and the slate tile so produced is called honed slate tile.

Where in the Kitchen You can Use Honed Slate Tiles and Slate Slab?

There are primarily three places where you can use the honed slate tiles and slate slabs to make the slate kitchen. These are:
Slate Kitchen Backsplash
Slate Kitchen Backsplash

Color of Honed Slate Tiles for Kitchen

To create a slate kitchen there is a huge range of colors from very light to dark. You can get white, pink, green, gray, silver, red and even black color in slate kitchen. Black slate slabs are hard to get so these are the most expensive of all. Deep charcoal is the favourite choice for kitchen floor whereas black and gray are used to make countertops and backsplash. Types of Slate Tiles

How to Care and Clean Honed Slate Tiles?

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