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Benefits of Brazilian
Slate Flooring

Brazilian Slate Flooring
Brazilian Slate Flooring
27 March, 2010- Slate tile flooring is preferred by many due to its durability, beauty and many other features that it lends to the whole interior decor. Natural and extremely durable slate tiles can be cut into many shapes, sizes, thickness and texture to make different floor designs that can compliment almost any interior design scheme. From among a wide variety of slate floor tiles, Brazilian slate tiles are continuously becoming popular for flooring designs. This is not without any reason. Brazilian slate flooring is durable, beautiful, and has many other benefits over other natural slate tiles that make it a popular choice.

  • Brazilian slate tiles are hardest of all other slate tiles- an attribute that also makes it the most durable tile for slate flooring.
  • Brazilian slate tiles have smooth and shiny appearance as well as rough and tough looks depending upon the choice of tiles. However, any kind of Brazilian slate tile provides a non-slippery flooring surface.
  • Brazilian slate tiles are very easy to install as they have a consistent gauging. As such, thin setting can be done which is less expensive and also less time consuming when compared to mud-setting.
  • Brazilian slate tiles are easy to clean and also easy to maintain. With a few slate care tips, anyone can keep these slate tiles look new for a lifetime.
  • Brazilian slate tiles become more beautiful and durable with age as opposed to other decorative flooring tiles.
  • Brazilian slate flooring does not retain moisture and is perfect for under floor heating due to its insulating properties. These tiles retain heat efficiently for a long time and also transfer heat easily so they warm up quickly, and also stay warm for a pretty long time.
  • Brazilian slate tiles are ideal for bathroom flooring as they do not warp easily when exposed to water and humidity (as is the case with wood flooring or laminate flooring). However, Brazilian slate flooring for bathroom should be designed with the help of tiles having natural finish due to their capability of natural grip when wet.

Although Brazilian slate flooring proves to be more costly than other floorings at the first instance but as these slate tiles improve with age and are easy to maintain (which means lesser need of repairing and replacing the slate tiles), they are good choice for long term benefits. With its many advantages, Brazilian slate flooring add value to any house. For this reason and for all the benefits of Brazilian slate tiles, this flooring is fast becoming the preferred choice for architects and home decorators who want best quality natural stones.

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